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Whitney English Day Designer - review on Pinegate Road

About a month or so ago I reached out to Miss Whitney English about her recent creation: The Day Designer. This quarter, as many of you know, I unexpectedly was moved to all online courses, started working with a couple more freelance clients on top of my regular day job, and was trying to keep up with the growth of the blog and some other surprise personal projects. To say the least, my old organization routine of keeping a teux deux list was just not going to cut it with all of the future planning that I needed to work out on this chaotic schedule. When I heard about a planner that was catered specifically to the creative entrepreneur, I was intrigued. After a little over a month of using The Day Designer, I can definitely let you know that it’s been a game changer in how I work.


• For the first section of the planner, you’re introduced to some unique tools that help you find your personal passions and goals. What?! I’ve always been one to have goals to work towards, but writing these down, and planning your schedule around meeting these goals was something that I had never done before. While I’m still on the journey of meeting my goals, keeping these in mind daily really helps keep them in focus, and you can do little things each day that will add up to meeting that goal in the long run.

• The set up is easy to understand, and you keep your priorities straight by having a month in review throughout the planner to keep those larger goals broken up into manageable aspects.

• There is a large page for each day. This is key! I love having enough space on each day to write notes, and add tasks as they come up. Keeping it all on one page helps you focus on what you need to do for that day, rather than looking at an entire week and feeling overwhelmed.

Whitney English Day Designer - review on Pinegate Road

• It’s aesthetically pleasing. Come on, who doesn’t love hot pink and black and white stripes? The quality of The Day Designer is amazing. You feel like you’re really working with something special.

• It combines a traditional to-do list—that I was already familiar to working with—and combines it with a schedule and priority system. Each day you pick your top three items from your list that you need to complete. This helps make the to-do list less daunting, and helps you feel accomplished when you do get all three of those done for the day. By pairing this system side-by-side next to a schedule, you can see where your daily tasks can fit into your schedule in one day.

• Quotes on each page bring a smile to my day.

Whitney English Day Designer - review on Pinegate Road - GIVEAWAY

So, are you intrigued?  You can get your own day designer HERE. Also, lucky for you Whitney has offered to give one of my lucky readers a Day Designer of their own! The giveaway will be open until next Friday, December 14th, at midnight. I’m using rafflecopter for this giveaway, so follow along below for your chances to win! You can enter multiple times, so head on back throughout the week for more chances. Good luck!

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