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Verily Magazine | Aug:Sept Issue | a contribution on DIY wall art | PINEGATE ROAD

Last week something pretty cool landed in my mailbox — the August / September issue of Verily Magazine. Not only was it awesome to hold something tangible that has been so long in the works, it was extra special since this issue held my name inside. Crazy time! I was able to give a little shout out to my favorite go-to frames, and show how I go about filling them up when there’s a lack of art around. It was a small something, but I was so honored to even be considered to be a part of making this issue come to life. Verily, you’re truly something special.

Verily Magazine | Aug/Sept Issue | lovely design elements | PINEGATE ROAD

If you have yet to hear about Verily, it is a new kind of magazine made for women that goes beyond the superfluous “how to land a man,” and “trendy nail colors of the year” kind of articles. Not that I don’t love to indulge in that kind of magazine once in a while, but what Verily has to offer is definitely something of more substance. The articles within help to expand your surroundings and have you thinking about the content well after you turn that last page. The beautiful aesthetic and design, art directed by Jane, is just stunning. As a designer, I’m a sucker for anything well-designed, and Verily certainly hits that mark of being modern, trendy, yet timeless in its execution.

Down for some more? Subscriptions are available here for the bi-monthly publication. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just entirely on board with the values that the Verily women are spreading, and I really can’t keep that all to myself now can I? If you can’t wait for that to get in your own mailbox, check out their blog — it’s updated daily!

Verily Magazine | Aug/Sept Issue | stunning lettering | PINEGATE ROAD

Have you been able to check out Verily yet? I missed their first print issue, and am kind of bopping myself on the head because of it. Sheesh.

Do you have any other favorite magazines or books you think I need to check out? I’m trying to start that whole switch from tv to print (or iPad) thing. Wishful thinking over here since Netflix is certainly addictive.

PORTFOLIO | verily social awareness campaign

Verily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - postcard 1

I just realized that I haven’t shown much of my work around these parts lately! While I’ve been updating my portfolio for my job search—and that seriously needs a re-haul as far as content management goes, I hear cargo is great any other suggestions??—I haven’t had the chance to share the final products of my journey. So no better day than today, right?

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - perscription

Now that this finals week is around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share a project that I finished last quarter as a concept for Verily Magazine. I met with one of the co-founders, Kara, and we discussed different topics for a social awareness campaign that could align itself with the principles that Verily aims to uphold. We decided to tackle the cult of perfection, and how when women read many female-oriented magazines, they sometimes feel a little less than perfect after they’re finished. Verily aims to have women feel good about themselves after they read the magazine and give women the motivation and encouragement to be the best version of themselves.

I decided to create a hand lettered quote that I used throughout the campaign on postcards, keychains, subways signs, and even in an installation piece. The installation piece is a prototype that has the quote spun on spindles, in front of a mirror. By having the quote in both black and white, you can interact with the quote, and look at your own reflection in the mirror. It’s a hope, but my concept was that when the installation was in use, the viewer could reflect upon their own image and the positive and negative aspects that they see in themselves. I know we all don’t think positively about our own self image all the time, nor do I think we think negatively. The purpose of this project was to allow women the time and the place to reflect upon this, and try to find their inner beauty for themselves. My hopes would be that this could be placed in a public space on a larger scale, so we’ll see how this ends up!

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 1

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 2

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 3

Along with the installation, I mocked up promotional material that could be integrated with the campaign to spread the work about Verily.

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - outside subway ad

Verily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - facebook header

verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - postcard 2

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my work and process behind the design. In other news regarding Verily, word on the street is that they are hiring! If you’re a web designer looking for an internship, or a graphic designer looking for some freelance work, head on over and see if you’re up for what it takes to work alongside these wonderful ladies. I know I’ve come across some crazy talented new friends who leave comments and little notes around here, so I’m looking at you! Applications are due by March 10th, and time is ticking. Oh, and if you want a look at a couple more images from the campaign, you can head over to my portfolio.

Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries for Verily Magazine

This week I’m sharing a recent favorite of mine—the sweet and spicy rendition of the sweet potato fry. I made these a couple weeks ago for a dinner party here in my building, and I think I can say that they were a hit. Head on over to the Verily blog to get the recipe and make some of these for yourself!