RECIPE | fruity summer salsa

Fruity Summer Salsa | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD

This fruity summer salsa recipe was born in part from some amazing chopped up goodness I tried on Tybee about a month ago, in part because I saw someone on the today show putting plums all over pork, and lastly, because I can barely stand to cook in my kitchen at this point in the summer. I’ve made this twice, and it’s the perfect thing to have on hand as a side dish, as a light meal in itself, to top off pork (!) or to be eaten with light and crispy tortilla chips. Is anyone else obsessed with Xochils?? Yum in my tum.

Fruity Summer Salsa | beans and corn | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

With all flavors covered, this mixture makes the perfect fruity summer salsa for any snack lover. It is sweet, salty, spicy, juicy, and crisp. Using a base mixture of corn and beans gives this some substantial meal potential, and you can basically mix any other flavors you want to. Oh, and is this really salsa if I didn’t use tomatos? Maybe not, but you can always add them for yourself. Tomatos give me crazy heart burn. Yay for over-shares.

Fruity Summer Salsa | the special ingrediant | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

INGREDIENTS: Use your own judgement and taste for amounts

– Fresh yellow corn sliced off the cob— alternately, any kind of corn

– Canned and drained black beans — use any kind of beans you like!

– Finely minced and smashed garlic

– Fresh Cilantro

– Salt + pepper to taste

– Chile powder

– Green onions — red or white can be used as well

– Plums — here, pick any sweet fruit you’d like to add to your fruity summer salsa. Another favorite of mine is pineapple. Also try mango, peach, or cherry.

– Jalapeño, finely minced, seeds removed if you’re a wimp like me

– Fresh lime juice

Fruity Summer Salsa | making a mess | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

DIRECTIONS: Stir up and enjoy.

Fruity Summer Salsa |plum, bean, and corn salsa | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

This recipe is gluten, sugar, dairy, and guilt-free. The very best kind, right?

Do you have any simple and delicious summer recipes to share? I’m all about not using my oven right now, so keep that in mind ;)

Happy snacking!

creamy rosemary mashed sweet potatoes

Creamy Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes — a recipe by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

Desperation recipes are the best. When you throw all caution to the wind when it comes to actually creating something that could be considered food, that’s exactly when some magic usually ends up happening. Much like the roasted walnut and avocado pasta I was forced to whip up a while back, this recipe came from my unwillingness to head to the grocery store, some left over sweet potatoes, and my need to fit fresh rosemary into every dish possible lately. I bought one of those rosemary Christmas trees that you can find at the store around this time, and it’s been amazing how much that little thing put me into the Christmas and/or cooking mood. I am a crazy food lady though. I don’t know if it’s that I have such low expectations when I start to create a desperation recipe, or if it really is just that good, but I couldn’t handle how much I wanted to eat a bazillion cups of this stuff! For someone who has been living without butter for a couple months now, that ghee added a crazy creamy and buttery flavor that was out of control. Really. The mix of fresh rosemary with anything sweet and salty is a flavor combination that can do no wrong, if I do say so myself. These creamy rosemary mashed sweet potatoes would make a great side dish for any holiday meal, or a light lunch for any day of the week. Or both—definitely both.




One sweet potato

One Tbs finely chopped fresh rosemary

One tsp ghee (or butter if you eat dairy)

Fourth of a cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk if you eat dairy)

One Tbs maple sugar

Salt and pepper to taste


Chop the sweet potato into 1-2″ chunks and place in boiling water. I keep the skins on the sweet potatoes for a nice consistency when these are mashed—or out of laziness, you can decide that one.

Boil for about 15-20 minutes. You’ll know the potatoes are done when you stab them with a fork, and you can start to tell that they would mash up easily.

Strain your potatoes and place in a medium sized bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Mash with your preferred utensil—I used a fork

Creamy Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes — a recipe by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

recipes to try

I have no recipe adventure this week, but instead, I have a recipe roundup for today. I love how delicious the internet makes food look, and how inspiring food blogs have been to me over the past couple years. It’s an endless fountain of information and unique dishes to try. I love getting lost in the kitchen, and picking out the perfect ingredients for a special dish that I want to try. These adventures usually take me way longer than I would have hoped, but you know…the Kardashians will always be on TV, so I don’t really think I’m missing that much, yeah?


RECIPE ADEVNTURES | citron pressé

Now if this isn’t the most simple delicious mid-day treat, I don’t know what is.

I decided to make these like a mad woman while I was visiting Megan, inspired by her french-teachery-ness. This is the perfect drink to sip on, while being completely refreshing and non-alcoholic.

Take a half of a lemon, and squeeze it into a glass. Add some ice, top with water, and a couple sugar cubes. Stir.

What’s fun about this recipe is that you can adjust all the amounts of ingredients to you preferences. In France, they serve the glass of fresh squeezed lemon with a pitcher of water and a side of sugar so you can whip one up yourself. I love these for the sour quality these have that force you to sip slowly, and take a break from whatever is going on in your day.

Now I want to go buy a big bag of lemons.

fruity libations

I so want to try all of these fruity cocktails. Now to find the time to host a cocktail party…and the last one is a mocktail, for those of you taking a break from after the holidays.