PINEGATE ROAD REDESIGN | a new year, a new do

Pinegate Road redesign, makeover

While this space has been a tiny bit sparse over the past couple weeks months, things have been pretty crazy behind the scenes. Right now I’m in Alt prep madness—I haven’t started packing and I might start to panic soon. What I have been up to over the past while is a redesign of my personal identity and Pinegate Road. I’ve been wanting to meld the two for quite some time now, and I set a goal of finishing this before Alt. I received my business cards a couple days ago, I unveiled the new design header here last week, and I just branded the sidebar to go along with the header. I also re-branded my portfolio and designed and uploaded a new resume for that whole applying-for-jobs-soon thing (whew!). Now, I’m just crossing my fingers that the leave-behinds I’ve ordered come in tomorrow so I can package them before I head off to the mountains. Oh, yeah, mountains—pretty excited for those to be in my life again! Also, I can’t believe that the week I’ve been sitting on the edge of my yoga ball for since August is finally here! Crazy time.

Pinegate Road redesign, old vs new design

While I’m missing the regular blogging, sometimes you just need to take care of business, and I’m trying hard to let myself be ok with that. I’m hoping to come back from Alt inspired with where to head this next year with this space. I feel like I’m starting new with this design, and I’m getting ready to head somewhere a little different. Where to? I’m not really sure, but I’m excited to ride that journey and I definitely think this new design is setting the stage for that.

Pinegate Road redesign, mood board

This is the mood board that I used for the new Pinegate Road design. I wanted to keep the old color palette that I had with a few additions, but I wanted a more sophisticated grown-up version of the branding that I was using before. The natural elements stayed the same, but were rephotographed in a better composition. I was able to integrate my hand-lettering into the logo, but I chose to use actual typefaces to implement for the design so they could stay consistent throughout all my branding elements both on the blog and for my personal print material.

Pinegate Road redesign, brand elements

After experimenting with different styles over the past year and a couple months on Pinegate Road, I’ve definitely learned how necessary it is to keep a consistent brand system, but to leave enough room for play and growth. I’m hoping that this new design system will really set the tone for the new journey Pinegate Road is heading on—and most of all, I’m excited that I met my own deadline! Personal projects are so hard in regards to deadlines, at least for me. Am I the only one with that issue?

If you’re in a reader, click here to view the complete redesign in action!

behind the blog interview on create like crazy

Behind the Blog with Pinegate Road on Create Like Crazy

The lovely Jordan from Create Like Crazy asked me to be a part of her new interview series, behind the blog. I was enthralled to participate and take the chance to reflect upon some topics that I don’t seem to really hit upon over here. I love collaborations like this because not only do you get to contribute to other wonderful blogs and work with great people, you get the chance to find out a little about yourself along the process. Thank you Jordan for having me! Check out the full interview here.

PS: Jordan and I got to meet in Jacksonville over my winter break for a tiny bit, and it was simply amazing. I’m still new to this ‘meeting in real life’ thing, so I just have to recount how awesome it is that my digital friends are become people in my life in a more tangible way. Neato!

PPS: I can’t stop thinking about how meta these screen shots of my blog on computer screens, in posts on blogs, being read on computers that look the same (in my case) are. Maybe that’s just me, but I couldn’t hold that one back.

DESIGN FILES | rebranding, and new blog design for pinegate road

Last night was a really big night for me, the new design for the blog was implemented! I’ve been searching for months for the perfect theme that would basically work as a blank canvas, and also waiting for that spark of inspiration for the new design. Both of these came together this weekend, and I just went for it. If you’re reading this on RSS, please go take a look at the whole layout!

A little about the project: I wanted to really show what this blog is all about without being too literal about it. Referencing my tagline and the name of the blog, I wanted natural elements to be incorporated. This showed through with the photography at the top, and with the addition of the pinecone. You didn’t think I could name my blog Pinegate Road and not incorporate a pinecone, did you? I also wanted to reference process, and the hand-crafted touch, with a bit of quirky elegance. I hand-painted the logo type, which goes along with Pinegate Road’s house typeface, didot, but also brought a hint of modernity with the sans serif typeface Museo.  I love a high contrast serif with a sleek sans…who’s with me? And lastly, gold washi tape was used throughout to incorporate that hand-crafted feel and to balance out the natural elements and give the design more structure. Pinegate Road is all about my personal endeavors as a creative, and I couldn’t be more happy with this new design representing just that.

IN REVIEW | february two-thousand and twelve

It’s been a hectic month friends. With school getting crazier than ever, it’s nice to reflect on some of the good moments happening this month. For being the shortest month of the year, there sure was a lot packed into it! With March there comes spring break, and I literaly can. not. wait. So needed. How was your February?