Color Study, pastel confetti, 60

Break is well underway, and well, it doesn’t really feel like it! For the past couple years I’ve filled my breaks with traveling to visit friends and family across the country—and then I come back to school and feel more stressed than ever. This year I made a pact with myself (you do this too, right?) and I said: “Kelsey, stay at home, no matter what. Relax. Binge watch television. Go on long walks and enjoy the sunshine. Juice.” So I’m doing precisely that. After this past quarter of at-home working and schooling, I feel like I’m just kind of continuing on how it’s been. I picked up a few projects, and am working on a rebrand so that I can be all shiny and new when I head to alt come January. It’s nice to finally put some time into working on personal projects. And that large canvas that I’ve been talking about? Well that’s getting painted over in the next week. I can’t wait to get all these things off my to-do list. Speaking of my to-do list, I have an exciting post coming your way tomorrow that will show you how I’ve been making it through my schedule over the past month, and how you can get in on the action too! This month is a little giveaway crazy, but ’tis the season I suppose—and who doesn’t love free stuff??



While I was busy moving this weekend, I was able to get to my computer and pin about twelve items. When I looked back at them, I noticed they all had the same hues and colors. What better to inspire a Monday morning color study than with an unintentional pinning party? I guess I have summer and pastels on the mind (per usual).

Also, in other news, for the first time in my adult life I have a dishwasher, an ice machine, and a washer and dryer in my new apartment. I feel like the luckiest duck alive! PLUS, there is a drive-thru Starbucks on my way to work. Also, my oven is big enough to fit my pizza pan in it!! You have no idea how incredibly happy these little things make me!

Oh, and I have a box of wine living in my fridge. It’s a first for me, but I’m excited to become acquainted. Maybe a new friend or two will come join me for our initial meet-and-greet, yeah?

From left to right, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

PS, yes, that is sriracha sauce in a spray can hiding underneath those majestic earrings. Sprayracha.

ART THAT’S INSPIRING | amy borrell, illustrator

I’ve been MIA, yes, I know. Not this kind of MIA, but just the missing kind. It’s kind of funny how during finals I was totally able to keep up blogging, but afterwards, all I wanted to do was get away from my computer and sit on my couch for extended periods of time. So, that’s exactly what I did. Buuut, I missed reality, so I’m back! I’ve brought a lovely illustrator in tow with me for this week’s art that’s inspiring; Amy Borrell. Check out her portfolio for more goodies, and enjoy the ones here…they are fantastic with their pale, yet captivating colors. Makes me think of summer time and care-free moments—much like I’ve been having the past 48 hours. Hope you’re all having a splendid week with the warm weather that seems to be hitting the entire world right now.