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KAYTE TERRY, blogger, author, crafter, painter - from the desk of

I have a very special introduction to make this morning. Please welcome Kayte Terry — author of the book paper made, and an avid blogger, crafter, and painter! She reached out to me recently, and I was more than enthusiastic to share her space and a recent project. I kind of want to live in everything she sent me, isn’t it perfection?

Hi there! I’m Kayte. I Iive in South Philly with my husband and our enormous cat Bruce le Bruce. I work by day as the Visual Communication Manager and Inspiration Coordinator (it’s a mouthful, I know) at Anthropologie in the Home Office. By night, I am a blogger, an author, a crafter, a painter, and pretty much anything else I can cram into my waking hours. Sitting still is something I am not good at. My blog, This is Love Forever, is a catalog of all the things I love, be it a recipe, a DIY project, an image from my inspiration archive or a photo from a recent road trip.

What gets you jazzed?
Strong tea, nature, silence. I don’t have enough of any of these things. I am a quintessential Libra in that I love contrast and balance. I equal parts city and country mouse. I love natural colors but I love them with neon pink. Today I am wearing a striped skirt, a polka dot blouse and a floral jacket. You could say I like patterns and prints!

Where do you go to find inspiration, and what are you inspired by?
Oh everywhere and everything. One of my big jobs at work is in finding inspiration and using it to create different concepts and personalities for the stores to use so I’m always on the look-out for something new. Lately some things that inspire me are: natural plant dyes, shibori, vintage quilts, prize ribbons, maps and nights by the fire. I’m very drawn to the natural, the quiet and the woods lately but I always manage to throw a little hot pink or a crazy print in there too!

People usually think I get to travel to all sorts of glamorous places for my work but really, I just spend a ton of time doing research in books and on the internet. I always think of something Isaac Mizrahi said in the documentary Unzipped (one of my favorites!): “I don’t to go to India and Australia in order to do collections about those places, I can do them from my imagination or from having seen the Flinstones episode that was set in Australia or something.” It’s always a good reminder to me that inspiration can come from anywhere!

KAYTE TERRY, blogger, author, crafter, painter - inspired project - from the desk of

Tell me a little about this project (the one you’d link/give me photos to) and how it was inspired:
I just came off an author tour for my book Paper Made! and I wanted to make something paper to wear to events. I made this flower fascinator, a variation of a project in the book. This flower was somewhat inspired by this Christopher Kane ad. I’m always excited to see his runway shows because he is so adept at mixing high and low materials.

If you could give one tip to the rest of us, what would that be?
Be yourself and trust your instincts. It’s easy to get overload with inspiration and other people’s work but it’s important to sometimes turn off the internet and let your mind wander. Don’t worry if your work isn’t “on trend”…yet.

I remember one of my first jobs I worked for a window dresser who would just walk into the store in his tasseled loafers, his coat draped over his shoulder and make grand proclamations like “it’s all about green!” or “animal prints and stripes are back in!” It was always a dream of mine to cultivate that kind of clarity of vision, to be a trend setter and not just a follower.

Huge thank you’s to Kayte for sharing her space and her inspirations. Make sure to show her some love over on her blog, and to check out her book!

ART THAT’S INSPIRING | claire desjardins

Looking at these paintings could really put a pep in your day. I’m a huge fan of the bright and bold nature of these paintings, as well as their organic character. When finding out about Claire on pinterest, this was an easy must-pin kind of work for me. I also can’t awkwardly stop saying her last name aloud here at home. Having a cool french last name is always a plus.

“Claire Desjardins is passionate about contemporary abstract art–in particular, the relationship between colour and form…Claire comes from a long line of artists in her family, and embraces the multi-cultural experience, traveling whenever she is able to. Much of her art-oriented family is spread out across Europe and in Quebec. She grew up speaking both English and French. Her personal mantra is that each of us is the maker of our own destiny. Her bold, colourful work exudes this energy.”


ART THAT’S INSPIRING | kristy gammill, painter

kristy gammill panting

kristy gammill panting

kristy gammill panting

If these don’t cheer up your day, I don’t know what else could. I really appreciate the full-on attack of vivid colors and intense florals and patterns that Kristy plays with in her wonderful paintings. I mean the attack part in the best way possible, I think these are just fabulous. The styling of the paintings set by the tree? Loving that too.

Check out Kristy’s portfolio, or take a look around in her store for more glorious goods.