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Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by Jordan of Create like Crazy on Pinegate Road copy

Let’s welcome Jordan of Create like Crazy back to the blog today! Pinegate Road was lucky to have her last year when we got a sneak peek behind her blog and her work space. She has become such an awesome resource to myself and so many other creatives who are looking for tips and insights into the creative process. She collaborates on her blog, Create like Crazy, with a handful of other talented ladies and it’s been amazing to watch Create like Crazy grow over the past year the way it has. Keep up the great work Jordan, and so excited to have you sharing with us today!

FROM JORDAN—Artists seem to always be swinging on a pendulum. We swing back and forth between self-doubt and confidence, no clients and a never ending inbox, creatives ruts and overflowing inspiration. In the midst of having a long list of ideas and not enough time, I’m finding myself drawn to simplistic, organized and minimal even more than usual. I’m painting everything white, organizing my files and clearing off my walls. But if I’m being honest, I love living the crazy, ever changing life of a creative! So, I’ll just keep rearranging my office to go along with it. ;)



traverser number eight

TRAVERSER: french for — to pass, to cross, to traverse, to span.

ONE—I’m a fan of Amy Borell—I’ve featured herwork here before—and recently I came across this lovely typographic piece she did. Just. Wow.

TWO—I know it’s barely the spring season, but the fall/winter 2013 line by J.Crew had me doing double-takes. The pattern, the jewels, it’s seriously perfection.

THREE—Growing up my mom always kept a gift closet. She always wanted to be prepared with an impromptu hostess gift, or table decoration. I love the idea of having a closet kept specifically for gifts and wrapping and parties and it makes me think of all the special occasions that were celebrated thanks to that little closet we had at home. Jordan of Oh Happy Day shows what she keeps stocked in her party closet,  and I just loved the assortment of on trend colors and fun trinkets that she uses. She also links to unique ways she’s used the items in the past—giant fringe made out of crepe paper? I’m all in.

behind the blog interview on create like crazy

Behind the Blog with Pinegate Road on Create Like Crazy

The lovely Jordan from Create Like Crazy asked me to be a part of her new interview series, behind the blog. I was enthralled to participate and take the chance to reflect upon some topics that I don’t seem to really hit upon over here. I love collaborations like this because not only do you get to contribute to other wonderful blogs and work with great people, you get the chance to find out a little about yourself along the process. Thank you Jordan for having me! Check out the full interview here.

PS: Jordan and I got to meet in Jacksonville over my winter break for a tiny bit, and it was simply amazing. I’m still new to this ‘meeting in real life’ thing, so I just have to recount how awesome it is that my digital friends are become people in my life in a more tangible way. Neato!

PPS: I can’t stop thinking about how meta these screen shots of my blog on computer screens, in posts on blogs, being read on computers that look the same (in my case) are. Maybe that’s just me, but I couldn’t hold that one back.