an interview with Pinegate Road via galery no. eight

an interview on gallery no. eight

I feel like I’m back on my blogger game with this one. I’m happy to let you all know that the Pinegate Road shop is being featured over on Gallery No. Eight with my dear friend Britt Douglas. It was refreshing and fun to sit down and talk about this process — one I realized I had never shared around here. Noting something else I have never shared, I go in to the story behind why I named this space Pinegate Road. Head on over to Gallery No. Eight to figure out why! Also, you can enter to win one of the prints from the shop.

FROM THE DESK OF | alex yeske, designer + blogger

From the Desk of Alex Yeske of Dreams and Jeans - Her Desk

Pardon my enthusiasm, but it’s coming out of me like crazy today. Alex Yeske, one of my go-to blogger and design inspirers is giving us a look into her inspirations and her working space. This girl has some killer style, and I was so glad to have been introduced to her through the blogging world last year. She just moved apartments in NYC and it was perfect timing for her to be featured here, if I do say so myself! Now, let’s let Alex take it away. 

From the Desk of Alex Yeske of Dreams and Jeans - desk details 3

From the Desk of Alex Yeske of Dreams and Jeans - desk details

Hi everyone! I’m Alex and I am a graphic designer, currently working for Madewell in NYC. I also blog over at Dreams + Jeans and do freelance work when I have the time!

What gets you jazzed?

Exceptional typography, unexpected color palettes, anything black + white, stripes, unique printed pieces… the list goes on!

Where do you go to find inspiration, and what are you inspired by?

Living in NYC is inspiration in and of itself. I’m constantly learning about new things, going to new exhibits, passing by interesting stores… It is ever-changing and serves as great inspiration. I spend an enormous amount of time on the internet so I have to say that I find a lot of inspiration online from various websites including Pinterest, Designspiration and other blogs.

From the Desk of Alex Yeske of Dreams and Jeans - DIY pouch inspiration

Tell me a little about this project and how it was inspired:

I originally did this project as a DIY gift idea for a friend’s blog. I was inspired to take a stab at monogramming something myself after seeing all of Clare Vivier’s monogrammed goodies. It was a fun projects & definitely took me out of my comfort zone – you can see the step-by-step here.

How has blogging effected your creative life, and vice versa?

I started blogging the summer before my senior year of college and it helped me meet and interact with a group of people who had similar interests. It opened my eyes to so much that I didn’t have access to living in upstate NY and allowed me a creative outlet outside of my intense design major. It also helped me with networking which is ultimately how I got my current job!

From the Desk of Alex Yeske of Dreams and Jeans - desk details

 If you could give one tip to the rest of us, what would that be?

My one tip would be to learn that it’s okay to say no. Too often I’ve found myself in a place where I’ve said yes to too many commitments and have completely overwhelmed myself with work. I’m now learning to be choosier about what I decide to do, especially in my free time. I never force myself to blog if I don’t have something I really want to post about and I don’t take on freelance work that I don’t feel passionate about. It’s been an important lesson for me when balancing a full-time job, a blog, freelance work and regular life.

Thank you thank you Alex! Please be sure to check out more of Alex’s work on her blog, Dreams and Jeans.

behind the blog interview on create like crazy

Behind the Blog with Pinegate Road on Create Like Crazy

The lovely Jordan from Create Like Crazy asked me to be a part of her new interview series, behind the blog. I was enthralled to participate and take the chance to reflect upon some topics that I don’t seem to really hit upon over here. I love collaborations like this because not only do you get to contribute to other wonderful blogs and work with great people, you get the chance to find out a little about yourself along the process. Thank you Jordan for having me! Check out the full interview here.

PS: Jordan and I got to meet in Jacksonville over my winter break for a tiny bit, and it was simply amazing. I’m still new to this ‘meeting in real life’ thing, so I just have to recount how awesome it is that my digital friends are become people in my life in a more tangible way. Neato!

PPS: I can’t stop thinking about how meta these screen shots of my blog on computer screens, in posts on blogs, being read on computers that look the same (in my case) are. Maybe that’s just me, but I couldn’t hold that one back.

FROM THE DESK OF | caityln wilp, graphic designer

I know I’ve mentioned this a couple times before, but I am amazed at how Pinegate Road has enabled me to link to both new creatives, but also re-connect with people from my past. Working together as student designers in undergrad, Caitlyn and I kind of lost touch after graduating. She recently shared some sweet words about my blog, and we had an instant catch-up session. She has some exciting exciting stuff going on in her life, and I’m ecstatic to be able to have her here today to share some of her work. But most of all to see what a fellow design friend is up to! Let’s give it up for Caityln:

My name is Caitlyn Wilp and I am the graphic designer for vfish Designs, a contemporary women’s clothing line based out of Chicago. I have a B.F.A. in graphic design from the University of Iowa. When I’m not creating, I enjoy hanging out with my friends. Being thug means never having to say your sorry.

Where do you go to find inspiration?
Definitely from other designers. I use google reader to keep tabs on all of my favorite designers and artists. I use Pinterest and Twitter. Photography and flipping through fashion magazines inspire my choices for color combinations.

What gets you jazzed?
Creative People and insanely funny people. Good design is hard to come by, and when I see a design that is unique, refreshing, and amazingly well-designed I get super excited (and jealous that I didn’t think of it ) . Magic Hat #9 is pretty jazzy to me too.


Tell me a little about this project and how it was inspired:
I have been really into creating patterns as of late, and this particular design was inspired by AMC’s Mad Men. It is from the episode where the gang is coming up with a campaign for the Maidenform account. Really, it just ends there. The episode was about bras, so I decided to create a bra pattern. The blog Print & Pattern features some great patterns, which helped the inspiration process immensely. This is just the beginning stages of this actual project. I plan on creating notebooks, planners, stationery sets, and more using various patterns I create. This project is going to be featured and sold at the Urban Crafter’s Trunk Show at Little Bits Workshop in River Forest, IL on May 12. So if you happen to be in the area come say hi and check out what else I have!

If you could give one tip to the rest of us, what would that be?
Stay connected with the design world! Do research before each and every project and see what’s been done before. Be original.

I have to give big big thank you to Caitlyn for sharing all of her info with Pinegate Road! If you can’t get enough of her, then you can totally stalk her portfolio…I know I did ;)

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