COLOR STUDY | 75 | valentine’s day color palette

Color Study | 75 | PINEGATE ROAD

We’re in the midsts of Valentine’s Day planning for next year at work, and this is one Valentine’s Day color palette I’ve fallen in love with. It’s traditionally lovey with the pinks and reds, but that pop of light teal is what really sets it apart. Mix in a dark neutral that has notes of the teal, and you have yourself a not too traditional, but on point palette for the season. But really, I’d use it year round. I feel like I’m practically bleeding that icy pink lately! hah. I’d love to see how this translates to a quirky dinner party, or even in Valentine’s Day decorations around the home.



Color Study | 73 | PINEGATE ROAD

Whew you guys! Last night I just turned over the files for my biggest freelance project to date, and I treated myself with homemade s’mores. The project will be going live by the end of the year, and I’ll be thrilled to share what has been going on. I’ve even been hiding the what’s what of the project from my family, so that’s been something!

As a second treat, I’m heading home to Pennsylvania for a retreat on the lake. My parents are on the farm in South Dakota, so I’ll have the place to myself and be able to just chill out for a second. This project has taken up the majority of my free-time for the past month or so, and I’m itching to get at my to-do list. The car is packed with my laundry basket, my inbox is ready to get tackled, and my Dave Ramsey DVD’s are ready to go. Since I started working full-time I’ve been meaning to seriously sit down and figure out a financial plan for my future. I’m hoping I can figure out a system that I can actually keep up with. I tried writing down in categories in a binder every. single. purchase. that I made when I started grad school, and that went out the window about a month in. After that month, I felt guilt for letting it all slide, but I could have gone about the whole thing a lot differently. The keyword for the next couple months in my life is balance. Instead of feeling like everything around me needs to be perfect, I’m switching to figuring out how everything around me can be balanced. It’s a leap for me to think that way, but it’s a much needed shift I’m trying to integrate into a lot of my behaviors. Yay for prioritization and not feeling guilty for letting certain things slide!

Happy weekend friends!

PS: Sorry for bringing up personal finance on a Friday! I’m gross, I know.