Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries for Verily Magazine

This week I’m sharing a recent favorite of mineā€”the sweet and spicy rendition of the sweet potato fry. I made these a couple weeks ago for a dinner party here in my building, and I think I can say that they were a hit. Head on over to the Verily blog to get the recipe and make some of these for yourself!

RECIPE ADVENTURES | chocolate chile cookies

This was a fun little recipe to get my head out of everything that has been going on lately. I’ve been a busy busy busy girl, and it was so nice to get in the kitchen for a second. While these might not be the absolute best tasting cookies in the world, they are a fun little pick-me-up if you’re still dieting from the holiday season, like me.