IN REVIEW | 2012

2012 in review - pinegate road

I’m going to start being a real blogger human next week and get back at this — I know this break has been taking a toll on this little space. For now, I want to be a little reflective on this past year and a couple things that have really made this year a big one for me.

ONE— This blog went through a drastic re-design early on in the year, and that is truly what I believe took it to the next level. I switched to self-hosted wordpress and I was finally able to take control over all the design details and tinker with everything I needed to. With this design, I grew more and more confident about reaching out to other bloggers and creatives to feature and be featured. I also started using this space as a place to experiment with my own creative ventures — you know those recipes I’ve been creating? I don’t think I would have ever had the reasoning to create, style, and photograph any of that had it not been for this space. Having this space, and having the support system to see it grow into whatever it may end up being has given me such a spark in my life this year, and it has been truly invaluable. Thank you blog friends! Topping this off, this year I set the plans in motion to attend Alt Summit—which is happening in just a couple WEEKS now!—and I’m beyond enthralled to see how this conference will help me grow this space even further over the next year.

TWO— While my love of lettering sparked in 2011, it was this year that I gained the support from professors, friends, and the online community that really helped me foster this craft into something I think I can carry with me for the rest of my creative career. I can get lost in lettering for hours, practicing with different inks, techniques, nibs, brushes, just everything really! I was lucky enough to have a professor here at SCAD take me on for an independent study this past quarter and that really gave me the time to research the history of lettering and to play around. While I’m nowhere near where I need to be with this professionally, I think I’m on my way and I have this year to thank for that.

THREE— Professionally this year has been a doozy. Thanks to the growth in my blog and the support my lettering has been getting, I’ve been able to become a regular freelance designer—something I didn’t think I’d be able to do for many years! Simultaneously I’ve been going through grad school, and I even took an internship in advertising over the summer and another one remotely with Verily Magazine. With so many different experiences I’ve really been able to discover where I think my heart lies professionally—or at least know where I think it could lye. The opportunities that have come my way this year have been nothing next to shocking, and this year has been one big fat amazing learning experience. I took everything I could on, became a huge ball of stress, but I don’t think I would have changed a thing. This year has really taught me about where to put my priorities, and this is something I can keep with me for the rest of my life.

Personally, I’ve been going through some pretty drastic changes. I ended a long-term relationship in the spring, and at the same time it seemed that everyone I knew here in Savannah graduated. After coming back from the summer it was a bit like starting all over in this town that I already knew pretty well. You know a little about my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, but I’ve been growing and learning how to integrate this new way of living into my daily routine. I can firmly say that this isn’t a fad, and it’s something I’ve been able to keep up with for over half a year now! I won’t say I didn’t slip over the holidays, but since becoming this healthier version of myself I’ve become more happy than I ever could have imagined. This last quarter was an odd one—taking all online classes and working from home—but it challenged me to get out of the house to meet people and pursue my passions with a vengeance for the first time in who knows when. Topping off the end of this year, I’ve started a brand new relationship, and I’m extremely excited to see where things end up. (Insert gushy happy filled words here)

Well, that was enough me me me for all of 2013, so cheers to the new year, and keeping things merry and bright this post-holiday season! Look forward to posts getting a little more regular, and a little less ridged—one of my goals for this year that you’ll have to wait till next week to hear about. Cheers friends.

IN REVIEW | july two thousand and twelve


I have to say that this month has been one of the momentous yet at the same time monotonous months of my life. I can really say that I’ve had a shift in perspective in a lot of goings on in my life this month, but I’ve been really trying hard to take things one day at a time to make subtle changes in my life. If you’re sitting here telling me to cut it with all that cryptic nonsense, that will come. My month in review is just not the place to share that just yet. 

July was all about cherishing those little moments, like interacting with animals when I went to visit my Aunt in Richmond. Getting to see my aunt in Richmond, AND a college bestie! My mom came to visit for a great little weekend early in the month, and it was so nice getting to be around some  more family. I’ve been taking a few mornings to relax—in bed—and elsewhere as I’ve also been piling my freelance workload up this month! I love me some time to letter, but you already knew that.

Oh…and that little obsession with kale happened too.

IN REVIEW | june two-thousand and twelve

June in review, 2012

With the lack of time to update this summer, I thought I’d throw in a nice Sunday afternoon post, all about my June, in review. Yes, I do realize that it’s halfway into July—seriously, where did this summer go? This June was mostly spent getting a grasp of my new life living in Winston-Salem, making some new friends and having fun with a full-sized kitchen for the first time in my adult life. I’ve been on the biggest popsicle-making kick of my life. While I haven’t had that much free time, I’ve been indulging in long walks on the trail behind my apartment, sitting outside on my patio with a glass or two of wine, and having the occasional late night at the office—that’s where I snapped that killer storm cloud coming in from across town, creepy right? I’ve also been indulging in the fact that it’s summer, and that I have a purpose to get dressed up every day for work. The bright clothes and lipsticks have been making an appearance, which I’ve been loving.

If you’d like to follow along on more of my monthly adventures, I’m one of those crazy posting-all-the-time types on Instagram. Username, pinegateroad.

IN REVIEW | may two-thousand and twelve

May had to be one of the toughest months I’ve had in quite a while. I’ve been dealing with a recent break-up and some other weird little issues that have made this month not so pleasant. While I’m still healing from it all, there were definitely some spurts of light that shone through. I spent a lot of time getting to know new people, and I tried to celebrate the little things in life. I’m now exchanging letters with four of my sorority sisters from college, which is really great. I love that stuff. I’ve also been trying to dress up my life with little beauties here and there, like the fresh flowers,  the amazing little catch all from Emily’s shop, and that strawberry fool recipe by Tina Jeffers.

Hello June, I’ve been waiting for you.

IN REVIEW | april two-thousand and twelve

April has been such a doozie! (are people saying that still? I kind of felt like my grammy would say something like that, but it perfectly captured my feelings about this month). I’m getting a lot of experience working within the bureaucratic system with my collaborative class, as well as juggling a weekend trip to the farm in South Dakota for my mom’s surprise 50th birthday (see the painting? I busted out those lost skills to paint a portrait of our puppy–12 year old dog–Gumbo!) and another weekend trip to Pawley’s Island in South Carolina to visit my Aunt and cousin on their spring break. Along with that, I’ve been enjoying the beach and yogurt weather, as well as starting to make homemade pizzas again. Oh, speaking of food, I had a rendez-vous with my long-lost love Carribou Coffee in the Minneapolis airport. It was true bliss, let me tell you.