RECIPE | southern style pimento cheese dip

Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road

Since moving to the south, there has been one traditional taste that has been thrilling my socks off time and time again: pimento cheese dip. I don’t know about you, but up until a couple years ago I had never tried a pimento cheese dip, spread, sandwich, what-have-you in my life. Gasp! After going to a cocktail party in my landlord’s carriage house a little over a year ago, I tried what might simply be the best traditional pimento cheese dip that you’ve ever introduced to your tastebuds. I could be wrong, as I’m not a life-long southerner, but I am quite food obsessed. I wrote about this recipe on here as soon as I finagled it out of my landlords mouth—a life-long Savannah resident—and have been making it ever since for special occasions. I figured it was about time to re-introduce it to the blog since revamping the brand and upping it with my photographs around here ;) While this is certainly a treat, and it’s not something I would normally recommend to make to work into your healthy lifestyle, this is a true winner of a dip and I thought it only necessary to share the wonder of it’s simplistic deliciousness.

Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road - ingredients


1 pound sharp cheddar cheese (I use publix brand: don’t use extra sharp, just the regular sharp, according to Betty)

4 cans of pimentos (I use lindsay’s brand)

garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste

‘more mayonaise than you could ever think imaginable’ (this is exactly what Betty told me when I asked her about the recipe! I used more than a cup, but definitely not a whole pint, you can use your judgement here)


Shred the cheese, drain the pimentos (using a paper towel to soak up any extra liquid), and mix all the the ingredients together. Couldn’t be simpler, right? This recipe yields around 5 cups of dip.

Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road - dig in

I promise that whoever you share this dip with will thoroughly enjoy it. I brought a can to my aunts as a hostess gift once, and I think we ate the entire jar by the end of the night. It’s pretty addicting! Serve with fresh baguette, on top of a burger, with crackers—you can really get creative!

All photos taken by Kelsey Cronkhite for Pinegate Road. Please link accordingly. 


    • Haha, I really need to get a hold I myself, don’t I?! I actually made and shot this before a dinner party in November and just got to posting it today—so I’m sticking with my no excuses ;) but I didn’t think I should hold the deliciousness back from the interwebs! If you get to make it, let me know how you like it! As another southerner, I need to know if it stands up to your taste-o-meter ;)

  1. haha NO I’m so glad you posted it!! You’re in Savannah, you need to learn to make a good pimento cheese or you would be doing a disservice to your time there! This recipe looks legit (the mayo note especially). Good job :)

  2. Lisa

    This is similar to my mother’s recipe, but she uses part Velveeta shredded along with the sharp cheddar. It sounds gross I know, but it makes it even creamier. We are in Memphis TN, and it’s true, southerners love pimento cheese!

  3. I make pimento cheese spread to use for sandwiches quite often here in Tennessee. My mother always made it for us kids for a cool summer lunch. At Christmas and Thanksgiving we make a simular version to stuff celery. It’s definitely a tradition at our house. My husband likes his with jalapeños or hot sauce added to the mixture. Oh and we always use kraft mayo.

  4. I grew up on Pimiento cheese sandwiches. My Grandmother brought them to every family dinner, cut in half with the crusts removed. They were passed with the biscuits.

    My Grandmother made hers pretty much exactly as your recipe except for the addituon of a little vinegar, and fresh ground black pepper.

    I have added this to my recipe box because it has been passed down but never written down!

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