MONDAY MUSING | on perfectionism

monday musing | Pinegate Road

Because sometimes you have twenty minutes left in your lunch break and you decide to make yourself letter.

In all seriousness, since I’ve been missing around here one of the biggest battles I’ve been trying to fight is the one on perfectionism. I’ve been making great strides, but also letting things slide. For now, I’m trying to realize that most of all, this is healthy.

Wishing you all a very happy, and non-perfect, Monday.


  1. So true! Questioning whether everything you do is perfect enough to be shared is one of my biggest struggles. Oftentimes it prevents me from hitting “publish” or finishing a project. Here’s to striving for growth, not perfection. You have to start somewhere. Cheers!

    • @ Morgan — Cheers friend! That’s such a tough one to overcome. We all know how important authentic and thoughtful content is, and I know for me making that happen usually involves hours of work. Hoping you find your balance soon :)


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