The Lentement Project by Kelsey of Pinegate Road — remembering to slow down and enjoy the moment in a fast-paced world

Lentement: adv. French for slowly

Welcome to the Lentement Project! As a grad student, a blogger, a freelancer, and a part-time employee, I personally struggle with the anxieties that these activities set into my life. I find it hard to find the time to do it all. After a brief survey, I found that many of my fellow friends and bloggers struggle with the same issue. We go from one activity to the next project and fill our lives with experiences, many of which fail to render a certain meaningful impact in our lives. While I’m far from curing my busy schedule, and I’m sure many of you are too, the Lentement project aims to seek out the little moments in life and to exonerate them in a more memorable and meaningful way. It hopes to help you slow down and smell the roses, per se.

Oh ok, well how can I participate? I’m glad you asked! While finding these moments is definitely a personal endeavor, the Lentement project is all about sharing those stories. Whenever you come across a little detail, or have a moment that you purposefully slowed down and enjoyed, use the hashtag #lentement on twitter, instagram, and interest to share the experience. You can also post tweet or pin things you’d like to slow down and do in the future. It’s really all up to you! I’ll be checking and posting your collective moments occasionally on this page, and I hope that you might do the same on your own blog. The Lentement project is about inspiring, and what better way than to share your own moments of living a slower lifestyle? I encourage you to write blog posts, share each others stories, and connect through the use of the hashtag and any social media outlets. This project is up to you!

I’ve also sized down the logo for you to include on your sidebar if you have a blog and you’d like to spread the word about the project! You can link the logo right back to this page so that others can learn about the project and start on their own journey!

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Link URL: http://www.pinegateroad.com/lentement

Do you need a reminder to slow down? Well, I’ve created a small poster that you can print out and keep in a special place. It fits into this frame if you wanted to go all out and include some other special items that will encourage you on this journey. The seashells are included, but you can certain omit them when putting it together. Download the print. Size: 6″x8″.

Stay tuned for a giveaway that will be up on the blog shortly, more posts here, and have a happy —and slower— journey friends! I look forward to seeing your moments and hearing stories of how you’re enjoying more meaningful moments in your own lives.