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mossy monogram wall art | PINEGATE ROAD

Took a teensie break from binge-watching Scandal over winter vacation. Ever since finding these gold frames at an estate sale a couple months ago, I’ve been wondering about what to put in them. I’m not a huge collector of prints or art, as I have that DIY mentality and always think I can do something myself. Note to self: get over it and buy an art print already! Falling back on my habits, I tried creating a modern monogram out of natural material to pair with one of these new-old gold frames. I love the mix of natural, modern, and classic so this DIY fits right with the style I have going on in my apartment. Follow along if you’d like to make your own! Also, if you’re ever bored, hanging out in Cleveland, and it’s a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday: your welcome. I don’t think my fellow Clevelanders realize how good we have it in the estate sale realm!

mossy monogram wall art | choose a monogram | PINEGATE ROAD

Print out your favorite monogram, however large you’d like. This will be your base for the moss. I used Futura Bold for my “K” as I liked how clean and simple it would look paired with the natural fibers of the moss. I challenge you to explore what kind of letter fits your frame, your living space, and your personal style! As a side note, I believe I got this moss at Joann Fabric — it was left over from a project. Look in the area in any store where they have the fake flowers. This is usually sold in packets and people use it to cover up the floral foam when making arrangements. I…well, I use it to letter of course ;)

mossy monogram wall art | place the moss | PINEGATE ROADmossy monogram wall art | cover the monogram | PINEGATE ROADmossy monogram wall art | cut around the monogram | PINEGATE ROADmossy monogram wall art | finish cutting out the monogram | PINEGATE ROADmossy monogram wall art | place mossy monogram in a frame and hang | PINEGATE ROAD

I’m pretty pumped this wasn’t a catastrophe. Also, using frames that have space in-between the glass and the back is key. If you don’t have a place to get something like this, try searching for shadowboxes on amazon. A classic monogram or a script one would look great paired in a minimal white frame as another option.

Happy crafting!


  1. What a cool idea! I have a bunch of leftover leaves and tiny flowers from another craft project (thank goodness for Michael’s!) that might work really well for something like this. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    • @ Caroline — Awe, thanks! I couldn’t find spray mount (left it at work!) and I thought, hey, this is worth a shot. hah. Pretty please it actually did work out ;)


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