DESIGN FILES | summer lovin’ hand drawn typography

Here I have a new design for you, my readers, dedicated to all things summer time — summer lovin’. I don’t know why, but I’ve been saving this little design for a while now. I created it last finals when I was going crazy and needed a little creative output that didn’t involve something that I had to do…probably not the best thing to do while in the middle of finals, but whatever, it helped, and I passed, and all is good.

Today is seriously rainy. I decided to walk to class today and got caught up in the biggest monsoon-like rainfall ever, while wearing a maxi dress that once wet decided to attach itself to my legs and trip me my whole awkward run-walk home. Needless to day, I needed to bust out this design today to help me get over that awkward situation.

I’ve also made it into a desktop wallpaper if you’d like to dream about summertimes with me.


Summer Lovin’ 1024 x 768

Summer Lovin’ 1600 x 1200

Summer Lovin’ 1920 x 1200


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