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Color Study, red cabbage and granny smith apple smoothie, 44

Is Pinegate Road turning into one big color study? Pretty much, at least for now. Now that I’m starting on my seventh week of the internship, I’m going to try and honker down and get my schedule in order and find some more time for this blog. You have no idea how happy posting makes me, and it’s really been getting me down lately that this has taken the back burner.

In other news, doesn’t this smoothie look delicious? It’s found on the French blog My Little Fabric. If you don’t speak French, you’ll need a little translation, but I have a gist that it would be totally worth it to recreate this beauty. It would be a nice fresh start to a new week. The styling for this recipe is also something that has really captivated me. The grains in that cabbage (see recipe)? Out of control beautiful!


  1. Coby

    I’m an Art Director and I’ve been hypnotized by this image on Pinterest… I finally translated the recipe and made this as a smoothie and cold pressed juice… It’s derishus! Thanks for the gem ;)

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