1. September 8, 2014
    MONDAY MUSING | 5 | the creative process

    the creative process | PINEGATE ROAD

    A good friend of mine sent this copy along to me last week, and I giggled out loud reading it. I bet I’m not the only one who’s creative process resembles this. Here’s to more awesome days, and less of number fours.


  2. August 4, 2014

    monday musing | 3 | PINEGATE ROAD

    When it comes down to it, that happiness thing, it’s really all in your control. I know I need this reminder more often than not.

    Happy monday friends.

  3. July 21, 2014
    MONDAY MUSING | on perfectionism

    monday musing | Pinegate Road

    Because sometimes you have twenty minutes left in your lunch break and you decide to make yourself letter.

    In all seriousness, since I’ve been missing around here one of the biggest battles I’ve been trying to fight is the one on perfectionism. I’ve been making great strides, but also letting things slide. For now, I’m trying to realize that most of all, this is healthy.

    Wishing you all a very happy, and non-perfect, Monday.

  4. June 13, 2014
    father’s day obaby illustrations

    Father's Day Obaby illustrations by Pinegate Road

    You didn’t think we’d leave out the Fathers after Mother’s Day now did you?

    Just stopping in quickly to let you know that the newest Obaby pack is up and ready to adorn all those photos of your pop. Just in time to celebrate on Sunday.


  5. May 8, 2014
    obaby mother’s day illustrations

    Mother's Day Obaby Illustration Pack | by Pinegate Road

    As we head in to Mother’s Day weekend, I thought I’d share another little something that I’ve been up to!

    Our friends at Obaby had me help them with a little something to celebrate all the mothers in our lives. There is now a special pack of 22 mother’s day illustrations that have been added to the app, designed by yours truly and sponsored by Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. Want to hear the real kicker? The regular Obaby app is now available for free, and Obaby+ is now just $9.99. If you’ve been waiting to get a hold of this special little app, now is certainly the time my friends. Happy Mother’s day!

    In the spirit of transparency, and opening up more about my process, I wanted to let you in to how I went about the development of these illustrations. Both for the first round of illustrations, and for this pack. I meant to share this info when the app was released, but with all the excitement that was bubbling up in my head it completely slipped my mind! Yeah, I’m giving myself a little wrist slap as I type here. Hah.

    Mother's Day Obaby Illustration Pack | sketches | by Pinegate Road

    When I was first contacted by Obaby, we did a test run to make sure that my illustrating and lettering style was something that they thought would work well for the app. I was pretty nervous about this. My style? Did I have a lettering style? Throughout my design studies and professional work, I truly feel like my work has kind of been all over the place as far as style goes. It’s always been my mission to let the concepts and the problems at hand direct the design direction. This is where personal style becomes an intuitive move rather than the main attraction. I wanted this project to be no different, so I started with particular guidelines that design decisions would have a foothold in, rather than my own style leading the way. Here is what I kept in mind while making design decisions:

    + The app was created for soon-to-be parents, and current parents. 

    + Users are in to social media, and love capturing and sharing memories.

    + Users are on top of the current technology.

    + Users are trend-oriented but timeless.

    To tap in to the trend-oriented but timeless design style, the lettering referenced calligraphy and calligraphy tools. I looked in to traditional baby design and used a lot of polka dots, checkers, simple shapes and swirls so that it still was baby-centric at it’s core. Keeping the imperfections visible and trying out more modern layouts of lettering helped bring these more traditional approaches into something that parents today would resonate with. After trying out what seemed one million tools, I landed on using the 05 micron pen exclusively. It was just bold enough when making single strokes, but detailed enough to build up on the illustrations. I also loved that at this weight, it automatically created a rounded tip at the end each stroke. This rounded off and soft quality was something that I was definitely looking for when dealing with baby-centric design!

    After doodling around for each phrase, the illustrations were narrowed down so that each phrase had a unique illustration associated with it, but still felt united as a pack. This is where using one tool consistently can really help solidify different designs that have to live together in the same space. Each one was imported in to photoshop where I had custom layers for curves and levels to change the scan to pure black and white images. From there, I used a black and white brush tool to refine the illustrations and make sure they were jusssst right. Then they were popped in to illustrator to be vectorized and off they went to the team at Obaby.

    Mother's Day Obaby Illustration Pack | illustrations | by Pinegate Road

    It was a pretty neat experience to create a custom process for this project. I love the details and the reasons behind the details of design, but making sure that the details were quiet was important. You want whoever is using these illustrations to have a general feeling that these are ‘exactly what they were looking for’ without them thinking too hard about the reasons why. To me, that’s the real beauty in design.

    I was so happy to work with the Obaby team again for this Mother’s Day illustration pack. Please go download and play around if you haven’t already — and let’s celebrate all those lovely ladies in our lives. They sure deserve some extra love this week, and always, duh.

  6. March 17, 2014
    PORTFOLIO | hey man business cards

    Hey Man Business Cards | 2 |  Pinegate Road.jpg

    This was a pretty spread out process. My dad came to me last spring asking me to create business cards for their new neighbor.

    For those of you who don’t know, a couple of years ago my parents made a big dream of theirs come true. They moved out to a farm in a town of about fifty people in the middle of South Dakota. I give my parents huge kudos for living out their version of the good life, and they’ve set a great example for me to live out my own version. Thanks guys :)

    Annnyways. The business cards. Yes. When my dad gives me a project without a deadline, it almost always takes a year to complete. No joke! Hah. We finally made these a reality before Christmas, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Their neighbor Paul is a hay farmer, and he goes by “Hey Man.” You know the best part about this project? Type nerds, get ready—I was able to use the typeface haymaker for an actual hay farmer. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, yes? It made me giddy.

    Hey Man Business Cards | Pinegate Road

    For the cards, I experimented with a couple different type and image layouts on dribbble and went with some of your suggestions. This is the first time I was able to integrate dribbble comments in to my process, and that was a really neat experience! I’m definitely going to try and be more diligent about posting progress shots there. I had my dad go out to Paul’s farm and sneak some shots on his iPhone for the photo portion of this card. While I would have loved to shoot it myself, the natural beauty of the landscape there was hard to mess up (sorry dad!) so I was fine using an iPhone photo on such a small printed surface area. The back features a barbed wire detail, and a Hey Man monogram with space for notes. We used Stationery HQ for printing. They are amazing for both prices and quality — I use them for all my personal digital printing.

    So in all, this was a pretty new experience for me. I feel like the clients I usually work with end up being a lot like me. They are usually females, and usually have a similar aesthetic. With this project, I definitely had to stretch myself and make a card that a farmer would love to use while still staying true to the Pinegate Road design aesthetic. Have any of you run in to this growth opportunity? What kinds of things helped you stretch past what you would ‘normally’ do? I’d love to hear!

  7. December 5, 2013
    PORTFOLIO | obaby illustrations

    obaby app | illustrations by kelsey cronkhite | PINEGATE ROAD

    Silly to say, but I’ve never had to keep a freelance project reveal this secret. I’m beyond excited to share with you all what I’ve been up to the past couple months. When I was contacted to work on this project, I knew it was a dream come true. I had the opportunity in front of me to letter away for an amazing new app that helps connect families to share cherished moments. This is the first project where I’ve really been able to delve into illustration, and it was such a unique opportunity to hone in on those skills. My heart’s gushing you guys.

    Obaby is an app that uses illustrations created for all the moments children bring to those around them as overlays on photos. There is a collection of over 600 illustrations completed by myself, Megan Gilger, Kyle Steed, and Karli Ingersoll. These are some true talents I’m so proud to have been paired with. Even though we were working all throughout the world, it was so neat to see how our illustrations have been put together in packages to honor the moments made in childhood. Megan and her husband Mike have been working with the Obaby team to put together the Obaby brand, including the app and website. Huge applause to you guys and the entire Obaby team — I think it’s pretty much perfection. It’s simple, color choices are spot-on, and makes you want to share stories through this medium. This message from the website explains it all:

    obaby app | website | PINEGATE ROAD

    obaby app | story behind the app | PINEGATE ROAD

    Ooh, and I finally get to share some process with you all! Between work projects being kept secret—with items going to retail sometimes a year after our team works on them—and then this project being hush-hush, I’ve been missing being able to share the behind-the-scenes happenings. Here’s a little peek into some of the pages torn from my sketchbook for this project:

    obaby app | sketching | PINEGATE ROAD obaby app | sketchbook | PINEGATE ROAD obaby app | process | PINEGATE ROAD

    While I completed around 150 illustrations that ended up in the app, you need to check it out for yourself to see all that it has to offer! But since, well, I can’t help myself—here’s a few more of the final offering:

    obaby app | more illustrations by kelsey cronkhite | PINEGATE ROAD

    obaby app | app in action | PINEGATE ROAD

    So, are you ready to Obaby?

  8. May 3, 2013
    Mother’s Day printable card and envelope

    Mother's Day card and envelope printable | supplies | Pinegate Road

    With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away, I thought it would be a nice little treat to share a part of what I’m sending along to my mom this Mother’s day. Her favorite colors are pink and green, so as an ode to her, I lettered and created this Mother’s Day printable card and envelope template for all to enjoy. The card ends up a cute little 3″ x 3″ piece that you can use to send some love. Best of all, both the card and envelope print on one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, so all you have to do is print, fold, tape up, and send! Simple? Simple.


    Mother's Day printable card and envelope | cutting | Pinegate Road Mother's Day printable card and envelope | scoring | Pinegate Road

    I picked up this scoring board a couple months ago, and it has seriously been a life-saver for all kinds of crafts lately. It just takes everything you fold, and gives it that professional touch. I suggest you get one for your design arsenal—this is the one I use. Scoring is seriously addicting, hah.

    Mother's Day printable card and envelope | folding | Pinegate Road

    Next, fold up the envelope and tape it up. You could also use a sticker, or any kind of glue on the inside. I just have a washi tape fetish, so, you know. Also—the template that you print is not distressed like this. For some reason the paper I used for this was not a great match for my printer/ink, and as I handled the card and envelope, it started to wear off and give it this distressed look. I kind of liked it, so I just went with it. Just a note that yours might not have that same quality.

    Mother's Day printable card and envelope | Pinegate Road

    Et voila! Use your prettiest handwriting to write the address, slap on a cute stamp, and you’re ready to send!

    Happy early mother’s day to all you wonderful ladies — you too mom, duh! Love you :)

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get to enjoy something that this month of May deserves. A Barbeque perhaps? I’ve been experimenting with oven-made ribs lately. I’m such a wuss when it comes to grills, hah.

  9. March 6, 2013
    PORTFOLIO | verily social awareness campaign

    Verily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - postcard 1

    I just realized that I haven’t shown much of my work around these parts lately! While I’ve been updating my portfolio for my job search—and that seriously needs a re-haul as far as content management goes, I hear cargo is great any other suggestions??—I haven’t had the chance to share the final products of my journey. So no better day than today, right?

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - perscription

    Now that this finals week is around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share a project that I finished last quarter as a concept for Verily Magazine. I met with one of the co-founders, Kara, and we discussed different topics for a social awareness campaign that could align itself with the principles that Verily aims to uphold. We decided to tackle the cult of perfection, and how when women read many female-oriented magazines, they sometimes feel a little less than perfect after they’re finished. Verily aims to have women feel good about themselves after they read the magazine and give women the motivation and encouragement to be the best version of themselves.

    I decided to create a hand lettered quote that I used throughout the campaign on postcards, keychains, subways signs, and even in an installation piece. The installation piece is a prototype that has the quote spun on spindles, in front of a mirror. By having the quote in both black and white, you can interact with the quote, and look at your own reflection in the mirror. It’s a hope, but my concept was that when the installation was in use, the viewer could reflect upon their own image and the positive and negative aspects that they see in themselves. I know we all don’t think positively about our own self image all the time, nor do I think we think negatively. The purpose of this project was to allow women the time and the place to reflect upon this, and try to find their inner beauty for themselves. My hopes would be that this could be placed in a public space on a larger scale, so we’ll see how this ends up!

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 1

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 2

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - installation piece 3

    Along with the installation, I mocked up promotional material that could be integrated with the campaign to spread the work about Verily.

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - outside subway ad

    Verily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - facebook header

    verily perscriptionVerily social media campaign - by kelsey cronkhite - postcard 2

    I hope you enjoyed this little look into my work and process behind the design. In other news regarding Verily, word on the street is that they are hiring! If you’re a web designer looking for an internship, or a graphic designer looking for some freelance work, head on over and see if you’re up for what it takes to work alongside these wonderful ladies. I know I’ve come across some crazy talented new friends who leave comments and little notes around here, so I’m looking at you! Applications are due by March 10th, and time is ticking. Oh, and if you want a look at a couple more images from the campaign, you can head over to my portfolio.

  10. February 8, 2013
    valentines day desktop and iPhone wallpaper

    valentines day desktop and iPhone wallpaper

    I was a complete spaz the other day and forgot to add this on to my Valentine’s DIY project! So, for this bright and sunny—in Savannah—Friday, I’d love to extend this little gift to you: downloadable valentines day desktop and iPhone wallpaper!

    So were you one of the readers who saw the valentines post and you were all: yeah, that’s nice, but I don’t have time to get all sticky and sit and carve out airheads for an hour to create that DIY, but I would LOVE (wink, wink) to get into the valentines spirit! Then this is for you. I took the lettering that I created for the project and turned it into a valentines day desktop and iPhone wallpaper. Like I said in the last post, I try to keep things pretty versatile cross-season, so this can be used as a general lovey reminder throughout the year, not just for valentines.

    Valentines Day Love - desktop wallpaper - Pinegate Road

    1600×1200 // 1024×768 // 1900×1200 // iPad // iPhone 5 // iPhone 4 + 4S

    I hope you have a great weekend friends! I’m taking this weekend to catch up on some research, go through your surveys so far (thank you!!), and will start to try to master that typeface-sketch to vector process—I’m getting there. What are you up to?

    Love print, pinegate road shop


















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