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SPONSOR - Anne the Adventurer

I have a lovely introduction to make today. Please welcome Pinegate Road’s newest sponsor: Anne of Anne the Adventurer. Anne and I have been twitter friends for a couple of months now, and she shares a lovely point of view and opens up in a spectacular way there and over at her lifestyle blog Anne the Adventurer. She shares posts about living authentically, and talks about subject matter that I know a lot of us—myself included—are often too afraid to open up about. This post on failure and rejection is just one example of the kinds of subject matter that I think Anne covers so well. We’ve all been there, and Anne’s space opens a warm environment for a candid discussion on these kinds of topics.

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“I started Anne the Adventurer in 2010 as a way to document my post-college life. Over the years, it has transformed into a lifestyle blog that is committed to discovering adventure and authentic purpose in everyday life. I post about a variety of topics, like home design, food, travel, and style, all with a reflective voice. I’ve always been driven to create a community of blog readers that can find inspiration in my writing and in getting to know one another’s stories. It is so easy to live passively and in loneliness, but when we carve out intentions in our lives, our stories can become truly extraordinary. ”


I hope you all get a chance to check out Anne the Adventurer and make a new friend! Oh, and before I forget, I want to let you know that her love story is a must read! I remember sitting down for a good hour a month ago delving into that one.

xoxo and happy Monday!

Anne the Adventurer elsewhere: TWITTER // FACEBOOK // PINTEREST // INSTAGRAM // BLOGLOVIN

GIVEAWAY | fresh tangerine

fresh tangerine layering bracelet giveaway

Do you remember my lovely sponsor that I introduced you to last week? Well, Fresh Tangerine has graciously offered to give one of you your pick of three layering bracelets from her shop (value: $54). These would make a perfect addition to your bracelet collection, or as a sweet gift to a friend for this holiday season. I love the idea of pairing up a couple colors to root for a favorite team or to celebrate a holiday. With twenty-seven different colors to choose from, you could really go crazy!

The giveaway will be open until next Monday, December 17th at midnight. I’m using rafflecopter for this giveaway, which means you can keep coming back throughout the week to enter again. Best of luck, and big thanks to fresh tangerine for the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS: I have one last giveaway for this holiday season! It’s my own personal giveaway, and I’m excited to share something near and dear to my heart with you. Look for that next week, and then we’ll be going through a giveaway detox at least until after the new year.

SPONSOR | fresh tangerine

fresh tangerine holiday gift guide

Today I’d love to introduce you to Pinegate Road’s newest sponsor: Fresh Tangerine.

Fresh Tangerine is a shop full of playful elegant jewelry that is handmade in Portland. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from the shop—they might make the perfect gift for your someone special this holiday season! Or you could gift something to yourself, just saying. How cute are these necklaces styled? Too. That’s how.




PS: if you love Fresh Tangerine, be sure to check back here in a couple weeks! *hint hint*

SPONSOR | manor fine wares

Sponsor love — manor fine wares

I wanted to stop by here and give a warm welcome to my sponsor for this month, Manor Fine Wares. They have a lovely array of interior décor available in their shop. I’m seriously blown away with the gorgeousness of their pieces, and I want to live in this store (maybe we can work this out, huh?). I’m loving the current shout-out the the Savannah chair on their home page. Appropriate, right?

Manor Fine Wares was born from Liza Brennan’s design practice Manor Design. After years of hearing designers claim they were sick of not being able to find accessories for their clients, Liza and her mom Liz, an avid shopper, decided to head out into the world to see if they had any luck finding items that they could bring back to help these designers out with their projects… They scoured China, Paris, and They were so excited to find so many things they could not live without themselves and the retail shop was born in 2007.

Liza and Liz have traveled far and wide for both business and pleasure and it shows in their varied tastes and passions. They firmly believe that if you love it, it will go. This design philosophy is evident both in the living portfolio that is Manor Fine Wares and in Liza’s design practice. With an eye for quality and style they pick and choose the best from all corners of the design world; modern and baroque, rustic and clean lines all play well together in the shop and in their homes. They live and shop by one cardinal rule: if they don’t love it, it doesn’t come in. They love merchandising and problem solving with the store functioning as both living canvas and treasure trove.”

If you’d like to become a sponsor of Pinegate Road, check out the information here. Thank you for supporting my creative endeavors Manor Fine Wares!

SPONSORED | shenanigans screenplay coverage

I wanted to give a shout out to this month’s sponsor: Shenanigans. They are a team of readers who work for production companies, analyzing submitted screenplays.  After they witnessed how hard it can sometimes be for developing writers to even wrangle feedback from friends, they decided to open up our coverage services to all.  They’re excited be launch their new site, and they are also graciously offering Pinegate Road readers $20 off their first screenplay submitted. Just let them know that I sent you and they’ll the good care of you.

Big thanks to Shenanigans for sponsoring my creative journey here on Pinegate Road!