the object enthusiast styling + photography

the object enthusiast photography and styling | Pinegate Road

This past March, I hopped on a flight to Omaha to meet up with Emily of the object enthusiast. We started blogging right around the same time and have been creatively collaborating for the past couple years. This past winter, Emily contacted me about getting her online presence in tip top shape now that her business has grown. It’s been an absolute dream to work with her over the past months to make her shop’s website a reality. While it’s currently being developed, I thought I’d share some of the photos that we took of her work for the site.

the object enthusiast photography and styling | Pinegate Road

Emily’s story is an amazing one. After starting her ceramics career in Kansas part-time after she graduated college, she decided to take the leap to full-time ceramics work when she moved to Omaha with her boyfriend last year. Since she’s been focusing 100% on her ceramics, her career has skyrocketed. It’s truly amazing to have watched this growth happen, and I’m so proud and excited for all that Emily has done. As of last week, her ceramics are being sold at Anthroplogie, she has been a featured artist on Etsy, and she continues to gather accolades from all over the blog world. Go, go Emily!

the object enthusiast photography and styling | Pinegate Road

These photos were all taken at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. It was an incredible space to work in — perfectly imperfect backdrops everywhere and natural light galore. We gathered blooms and props the day before the shoot, and spent the entire next day styling and taking photos. This was one of the first projects that I have worked on where I incorporated my photography chops in a big way. I took it as a personal challenge to add this passion of mine to a client project, and I’m happy that Emily was willing to put her faith in me and let me have at it. It’s amazing to me what can come out of a project when the people working on it are just in-tune as far as aesthetics and an end vision go. Thanks girl!

the object enthusiast photography and styling | Pinegate Road

Sharing this is getting me excited to see the site working! Eeek. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as it comes alive. Happy Wednesday!

a look into the Cleveland apartment

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 8 | PINEGATEROAD

This past weekend I spend a huge chunk of my Saturday tidying up and really getting the last of my move over. It’s pretty silly it took me three months to go through those last boxes, huh? After this, I finally felt comfortable taking a few snapshots to show you all a little peek into my living quarters here in Cleveland. I live in an area of town called Lakewood, which is just to the west of the city and right on Lake Erie.

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 7 | PINEGATEROAD

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 6 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 5 | PINEGATEROAD

I fell in love with this place after seeing all the detailing and charm that it had. There are cute little nooks, built-in cabinets, and slightly arched ceilings. Keep browsing to take a peek at the built-in toilet paper holder, hah. My bathroom is also Barney colored. I don’t hate it. The fact that there is a separate dining area is something I’m thrilled about. I’m all for an open concept, but having your dining, office, and living room all together in the same space is something I was glad to leave in Savannah.

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 4 | PINEGATEROADa peeka peek into the Cleveland apartment | 1 | PINEGATEROAD into the Cleveland apartment | 1 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 2 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 3 | PINEGATEROAD

I’m still getting there, week by week as far as the decorating goes. This is the second place I’ve lived in alone, and I’m taking baby steps. The graphic design thinking definitely doesn’t translate to interiors the same way. I realized I placed everything against my walls, and then hung art all at the same height in every open space in most of the rooms. Hah. Cheers to getting there, and any tips that you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated!

OH! And I have PLANTS! Just two at the moment, but boy to they make me smile.

MOODBOARD | a natural and modern mix

MOODBOARD | wedding photographer branding | PINEGATE ROAD

Just before leaving Savannah, I was able to connect with a new client. She’s a wedding photographer who is looking to invest in her future and needed a cohesive look that would really pull what she stands for as a photographer together. Drawn to natural elements, with a classic and simple elegance, her style was right up my personal alley. Love when that happens! There’s a pop of gold in there for some glam, but as a whole the brand is meant to feel earthy, yet airy, put-together, and tangible at it’s core.  There is a dichotomy between organic and natural elements with sleek and airy modern lines in the moodboard, and this dichotomy has been at the core of the branding development.

It’s always interesting to see how these come together. Some clients have their entire vision already set and need a designer to put it together and refine the details. Others have a killer aesthetic eye, but need a designer to create that designed vision. There are also a few who have goals and feelings but need the designer to help piece together all the bits and pieces to make the design work for their goals. It takes all kinds, and at this moodboard stage you can definitely get a sense of how the project is going to flow from there. In this instance, my client had already picked many of these pieces—killer eye, right? From there, I found patterns in her choices, added a few new elements, mapped out some color palettes, and helped identify the vision for the brand through keywords and phrases. These were used for decision-making guidelines as we worked through logo drafts. As I’ve been learning, it’s always nice to have a solid foundation of reasoning to why you’re making a design decision. It not only helps you grow into a better designer through critical thinking practices, it shows your clients and those you’re working with that you are making decisions based on design guidelines and in-depth thought rather than your personal sense of style or aesthetic. More to come on that thought though.

Anyways, happy Friday friends! I hope you get to enjoy a fun summer weekend. Eating berries in the park and taking a long walk perhaps? Yes, that’s seriously my idea of an amazing afternoon spent. Maybe a book could join that party. This is my first weekend off in quite a while and I’m going to spend this time catching up with some freelance work and unpacking those dreaded last boxes. It’s gotten to a point where I haven’t needed anything inside of them for the past couple weeks, so they have ended up just sitting there, mocking my inability to handle out-of-work tasks. I’m coming for you boxes!



It’s back! The second installment of Iterative Inspiration: a collaboration between myself and Rashi of Bucket of Squash. This week we chose this photo of a deconstructed salad to inspire our outcome, found via Oh Joy!, in this issue of Sweet Paul.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | iterations | Pinegate Road

What struck me first about this photo was both the transparency of the items in the photo as well as the spectacular light. I knew that I wanted to experiment with these two aspects for this project. Instead of working through with a mind map this time around, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I grabbed all the transparent items I could find around my apartment, held them up to a lit window and started snapping away in hopes of something striking. Annnnd, that totally happened.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | turning point | Pinegate Road

At first I thought I was going to grab sections from the different colored transparent areas and make some kind of abstract collage. As I got to my sixth or so item, something pretty neat happened. In the hand-soap bottle I was photographing, suddenly there was the view from my window, abstracted and colorful and turned upside down. I know we’ve all done this with our spoons, but it was really neat to see this new view from my apartment window.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | iterations part two | Pinegate Road

I started to look at what else I could photograph through this soap bottle. After a few rounds,  nothing seemed to match the quality of the photograph from out of my window. I realized that having the light from the window was necessary to get that crisp and beautiful upside-down reflection. So I went to the different doors and windows in my apartment and started to capture those different views. I ended up with three photographs that I thought captured the bright and beautiful essence of that first shot.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | photo picks | Pinegate Road

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | making | Pinegate Road

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | final pieces | Pinegate Road

A couple of months ago I won this giveaway on Design Improvised, and I still had a couple frames left over that I was waiting to fill. This project was the perfect chance for me to use the frames—and if I got bored of them, I could simply change out the photos with new ones easily due to the awesome design of these frames. I’m pretty obsessed with how I’ve been able to use these all over my apartment and not have that fear that I’m permanently committing to something I might not like on my walls in a couple weeks. So, I went ahead and cropped the photos to a composition I was happy with, printed them, cut them out, and filled the frames. Easy peasy.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | art above desk | Pinegate Road

With crazy high ceilings here, I’ve been so weird with how to decorate. Now that I’m graduating in less than a month it’s a little too late to really figure out what to do about this, but it hasn’t stopped me from hanging art and trying to make it as cozy as possible for the rest of my time here. These photos made the perfect addition to the space above my desk. Best of all, wherever I’m off to next, I’ll be able to take little pieces of my experience here with me. I’m not the most sentimental person, but when I do take the time to make note of particular experiences, I’m always glad I did. I love that these bring in some bright color to my space, and will remind me to keep thinking and experimenting in different ways to keep those creative juices flowing.

ITERATIVE INSPIRATION | TWO | new wall art | Pinegate Road

Head on over to Bucket of Squash to see how Rashi was inspired and to see her project.

TOUR | rethink design studio

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — front of the office

Earlier this winter I had the lovely chance to connect with EMK over at Rethink Design Studio here in Savannah. We met through the blog—yay for blog connections, yeah? She won a giveaway on here a while back and when I realized her address was a couple blocks away I decided to hand-deliver the package to her. Don’t worry, I did let her know I was stopping by before-hand I’m not a complete and total creeper. I love when weirdo things like that happen.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — front room

I’m excited to finally give you a peek into Rethink Design Studio today! The team works in a lovely curated space that I just can’t get enough of. I’m kind of interior design illiterate, so I generally love to ooh and ahh over anyone who has that special gift to pull together a space in just the right way. Don’t get me wrong, I love picking things out to decorate with but it’s that whole putting it together in a way that didn’t look like a person who was void of realizing that three dimensional spaces exist did it. I have that issue, being behind this here computer so much. Anyways, I can totally appreciate a beautifully composed and decorated space—I was just not touched with this special gift myself. Le sigh.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — back sitting area

The co-owner Joel at his desk. EMK calls the next picture “Joel in a box.” Loved that.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — joel at work

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — joel in a box

Since this is my first studio tour, I wanted to capture a little of everything. I really couldn’t stop snapping away at all the beautiful vignettes and objects that were around! Oh, and an adorable puppy—you definitely want to click through to see that gorgeous thing!

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