MOODBOARD FOR THE MOMENT | emily of the object enthusiast + giveaway

Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by Emily of The Object Enthusiast on Pinegate Road

To wrap up this week, the lovely Emily of the object enthusiast is here sharing a special time in her life—and she has a special treat as well! You all know what a fan I am of Emily’s work, and I’m so so excited that I was not only able to purchase one of her gorgeous new copper pieces, but that Emily was so nice to give one away to one of you! Read her post, oogle over her moodboard, and then skip on down to have your chance at wining some lovely. I styled the vases and took some photographs to show you just how lovely these pieces really are. Thank you, thank you Emily!

FROM EMILY—The best 6 days of my life were spent in Paris in the Spring of 2008. It rained the entire time I was there, and since then I’ve always had a thing for gray rainy days. Rainy days take me back to the time I spent in Paris, even when I’m stuck in Kansas. On rainy days I like to treat myself to my favorite tea, a flaky croissant, and I grab my boots and an umbrella and I walk around pretending I’m still on those cobble stone streets in the heart of the most amazing city on Earth. My heart swells when I think of Paris – the late night walks, the love that might have been. Words cannot describe the feeling I had when I emerged from the Metro that first day. I dream about wandering those puddled streets again someday.

Rainy mornings are my weakness. Nothing feels better than savoring the grayness of a rainy morning. I often skip out on my responsibilities on rainy mornings so that I can sit and pretend to be in Paris.

White and copper vase by the object enthusiast — photography and by pinegate roadCopper vases by the object enthusiast — photography and by pinegate roadEnter to win a black and copper vase by the object enthusiast — photography and by pinegate road

One of my girly guilty pleasures is having a vanity—it was my mission to find the perfect one when moving here to Savannah. I was so scared to barter for this one at the flea market that I had a friend take my money and do it for me! hah. Since then, I have accumulated some pretty things to decorate the top with. Antique mirrored trays? You bet! I knew when I saw Emily’s copper vase that it would be the perfect addition to my vanity. I love that I can bring some nature into my beauty routine each morning, and taking this time to relax and be surrounded by beautiful things really makes a great start to the morning.

Now that you have your chance to win your own, where would you put your copper vase? Do you have a vanity to place it on, or are you going to use it on your desk to hold some art supplies? I think it’s the perfect little pick-me-up to pretty much any surface!

There are several ways to enter and you have until next Friday, March 29th at midnight to do so. If you’re in a reader please click through to the post to enter the giveaway—I’m using rafflecopter. You also can stop by to tweet throughout the week for extra entries. For US residents only, excluding Hawaii and Alaksa. Good luck!

Be sure to check out Emily’s shop for more goodies!

All giveaway photos taken by Kelsey Cronkhite for Pinegate Road

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MOODBOARD FOR THE MOMENT | sarah of sarah hearts

Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by Sarah of Sarah Hearts on Pinegate Road

Starting off this Thursday morning we have the lovely Sarah of Sarah Hearts with us today! I had the amazing chance to meet her at Alt Summit in January, and I have been captivated by her DIY projects and her fun spirit ever since. If you don’t know Sarah, I suggest you get your butt over to Sarah Hearts to check her out, please and thank you.

Spring is starting to show around my neighborhood and I’m feeling inspired by all the hues of the season. I especially am loving coral and mint. I think it’s a refreshing take on traditional spring colors. It seems the colors are spilling into my closet too! I now own a pair of mint and coral jeans.

Dots both scattered like confetti and ordered in row never will get old to me. I love how playful yet chic they can be. I love mixing them with other patterns like stripes and florals and even other textures like leather and linen. My dot craze is spilling into my DIY life too! I’ve been making pom poms like crazy to use as garlands, and to adorn gifts.

I just discovered dark chocolate peanut butter. I really don’t know how I didn’t try this sooner. It’s been my go to snack with honey crisp apple slices. It’s heavenly.

As a designer, it’s easy to get into a rut and compare yourself to others. There are so many wonderfully gifted people in our field that it can be overwhelming. To help keep me focused, I’ve printed this verse and displayed it above my desk as a reminder to do my own creative best.



MOODBOARD FOR THE MOMENT | natalie of the soho

Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by natalie of the soho on pinegate road

Guest posting with Natalie of The Soho is always such a treat—she is a former Savannian, and I love following along her adventures in New York on her blog. She has put together a lovely board for you all today. Can we all agree that those doughnuts are looking especially spectacular? Yum. Big thank you’s to Natalie for sharing her moment!

FROM NATALIE—I never feel motivated when it comes time to make New Year’s resolutions, but the start of spring is another story. There’s something much more natural about goal-setting and feeling hopeful and inspired when the flowers are starting to spring up, the birds aren’t hiding away somewhere, and it isn’t dark out at four in the afternoon. Spring is when I really get excited about making plans, trying new things and exploring my city. These images and colors bring to mind new beginnings, what the world looks like when the snow has melted and signs of life are beginning to peak through.


MOODBOARD FOR THE MOMENT | jordan of create like crazy

Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by Jordan of Create like Crazy on Pinegate Road copy

Let’s welcome Jordan of Create like Crazy back to the blog today! Pinegate Road was lucky to have her last year when we got a sneak peek behind her blog and her work space. She has become such an awesome resource to myself and so many other creatives who are looking for tips and insights into the creative process. She collaborates on her blog, Create like Crazy, with a handful of other talented ladies and it’s been amazing to watch Create like Crazy grow over the past year the way it has. Keep up the great work Jordan, and so excited to have you sharing with us today!

FROM JORDAN—Artists seem to always be swinging on a pendulum. We swing back and forth between self-doubt and confidence, no clients and a never ending inbox, creatives ruts and overflowing inspiration. In the midst of having a long list of ideas and not enough time, I’m finding myself drawn to simplistic, organized and minimal even more than usual. I’m painting everything white, organizing my files and clearing off my walls. But if I’m being honest, I love living the crazy, ever changing life of a creative! So, I’ll just keep rearranging my office to go along with it. ;)



Moodboard for the Moment — guest post by Jo of Hey Jo! on Pinegate Road

I think there is something so intriguing about being able to express moments and stories through visual forms—exercises like creating moodboards can open you up to new connections and thought processes while training your eye for creative detail and inspiration. With the feedback that I’ve been getting from the inspiration versus imitation post, I thought it would be a great exercise to start to visualize particular moments or moods in a new way and see where this practice might lead. I’ve asked five of my blogger friends to participate in this adventure this week, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to start to see a little snippet into the creative mindset and process of some very talented folks. Starting off this week of guest posts will be the lovely and incredibly talented Jo from Hey Jo! I’m always inspired by her aesthetic and eye for design detials, and you can clearly see what I mean with her moodboard picks.

FROM JO—As I write this I feel terribly jet lagged.  I’ve been in Mexico and while only there for a very short time I managed to get quite ill (understatement) and spent a day or so in bed.  Aside from feeling sorry for myself I did manage to lie on the sand and feel my hair blow in the salty breeze while the warm sunshine formed a freckle bridge over my nose and onto my cheeks.  Oh and I read.  A lot.  I believe I could do that for a living.  I also believe I am the boss of shade-bathing (like sun bathing but minus the burn which is all that ever happens to my pale English skin).  Anyway, it was beyond therapeutic and I now find myself longing for Spring & Summer to hurry up and stay a while.  Seriously, where is it?  (Snow, I’m looking at you).  This all got me to thinking about how much the seasons affect my style, both personally and professionally.  All I want to see now I am officially done with Winter are images flooded with sunlight, drenched with floral blooms and filled with open-toed sandals & brightly coloured nails: perfect for dipping into the sparkling azure waters of somewhere offensively hot.  Yes, I am a glutton for such things and I’m not in the least bit sorry.  Sunshine and salt water revive me which is the perfect solution for getting ‘it’ done.  And by ‘it’ I mean work.  And by work I mean the thing I do for a living which I happen to be in love with.  And for that I am very lucky and even more grateful.  And, well, that’s that.  These images represent all that I am looking forward to in the coming months and make me feel happy just by looking at them.  I suppose that in the end, that’s why I chose them; because they make me smile and excited for a summer season which I hope will be the best yet.  I am nothing if not completely and totally optimistic.  (I do live in England, after all).

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Thank you thank you Jo! Be sure to stop by her blog for more of this lovely on the reg.