1. July 23, 2013
    RECIPE | fruity summer salsa

    Fruity Summer Salsa | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD

    This fruity summer salsa recipe was born in part from some amazing chopped up goodness I tried on Tybee about a month ago, in part because I saw someone on the today show putting plums all over pork, and lastly, because I can barely stand to cook in my kitchen at this point in the summer. I’ve made this twice, and it’s the perfect thing to have on hand as a side dish, as a light meal in itself, to top off pork (!) or to be eaten with light and crispy tortilla chips. Is anyone else obsessed with Xochils?? Yum in my tum.

    Fruity Summer Salsa | beans and corn | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

    With all flavors covered, this mixture makes the perfect fruity summer salsa for any snack lover. It is sweet, salty, spicy, juicy, and crisp. Using a base mixture of corn and beans gives this some substantial meal potential, and you can basically mix any other flavors you want to. Oh, and is this really salsa if I didn’t use tomatos? Maybe not, but you can always add them for yourself. Tomatos give me crazy heart burn. Yay for over-shares.

    Fruity Summer Salsa | the special ingrediant | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

    INGREDIENTS: Use your own judgement and taste for amounts

    – Fresh yellow corn sliced off the cob— alternately, any kind of corn

    – Canned and drained black beans — use any kind of beans you like!

    – Finely minced and smashed garlic

    – Fresh Cilantro

    – Salt + pepper to taste

    – Chile powder

    – Green onions — red or white can be used as well

    – Plums — here, pick any sweet fruit you’d like to add to your fruity summer salsa. Another favorite of mine is pineapple. Also try mango, peach, or cherry.

    – Jalapeño, finely minced, seeds removed if you’re a wimp like me

    – Fresh lime juice

    Fruity Summer Salsa | making a mess | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

    DIRECTIONS: Stir up and enjoy.

    Fruity Summer Salsa |plum, bean, and corn salsa | a recipe by PINEGATE ROAD copy

    This recipe is gluten, sugar, dairy, and guilt-free. The very best kind, right?

    Do you have any simple and delicious summer recipes to share? I’m all about not using my oven right now, so keep that in mind ;)

    Happy snacking!

  2. March 5, 2013
    RECIPE | southern style pimento cheese dip

    Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road

    Since moving to the south, there has been one traditional taste that has been thrilling my socks off time and time again: pimento cheese dip. I don’t know about you, but up until a couple years ago I had never tried a pimento cheese dip, spread, sandwich, what-have-you in my life. Gasp! After going to a cocktail party in my landlord’s carriage house a little over a year ago, I tried what might simply be the best traditional pimento cheese dip that you’ve ever introduced to your tastebuds. I could be wrong, as I’m not a life-long southerner, but I am quite food obsessed. I wrote about this recipe on here as soon as I finagled it out of my landlords mouth—a life-long Savannah resident—and have been making it ever since for special occasions. I figured it was about time to re-introduce it to the blog since revamping the brand and upping it with my photographs around here ;) While this is certainly a treat, and it’s not something I would normally recommend to make to work into your healthy lifestyle, this is a true winner of a dip and I thought it only necessary to share the wonder of it’s simplistic deliciousness.

    Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road - ingredients


    1 pound sharp cheddar cheese (I use publix brand: don’t use extra sharp, just the regular sharp, according to Betty)

    4 cans of pimentos (I use lindsay’s brand)

    garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste

    ‘more mayonaise than you could ever think imaginable’ (this is exactly what Betty told me when I asked her about the recipe! I used more than a cup, but definitely not a whole pint, you can use your judgement here)


    Shred the cheese, drain the pimentos (using a paper towel to soak up any extra liquid), and mix all the the ingredients together. Couldn’t be simpler, right? This recipe yields around 5 cups of dip.

    Southern style pimento cheese dip — a recipe by pinegate road - dig in

    I promise that whoever you share this dip with will thoroughly enjoy it. I brought a can to my aunts as a hostess gift once, and I think we ate the entire jar by the end of the night. It’s pretty addicting! Serve with fresh baguette, on top of a burger, with crackers—you can really get creative!

    All photos taken by Kelsey Cronkhite for Pinegate Road. Please link accordingly. 

  3. December 7, 2012
    Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries

    Cayenne and Coconut Sugar Sweet Potato Fries for Verily Magazine

    This week I’m sharing a recent favorite of mine—the sweet and spicy rendition of the sweet potato fry. I made these a couple weeks ago for a dinner party here in my building, and I think I can say that they were a hit. Head on over to the Verily blog to get the recipe and make some of these for yourself!

  4. December 4, 2012
    creamy rosemary mashed sweet potatoes

    Creamy Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes — a recipe by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

    Desperation recipes are the best. When you throw all caution to the wind when it comes to actually creating something that could be considered food, that’s exactly when some magic usually ends up happening. Much like the roasted walnut and avocado pasta I was forced to whip up a while back, this recipe came from my unwillingness to head to the grocery store, some left over sweet potatoes, and my need to fit fresh rosemary into every dish possible lately. I bought one of those rosemary Christmas trees that you can find at the store around this time, and it’s been amazing how much that little thing put me into the Christmas and/or cooking mood. I am a crazy food lady though. I don’t know if it’s that I have such low expectations when I start to create a desperation recipe, or if it really is just that good, but I couldn’t handle how much I wanted to eat a bazillion cups of this stuff! For someone who has been living without butter for a couple months now, that ghee added a crazy creamy and buttery flavor that was out of control. Really. The mix of fresh rosemary with anything sweet and salty is a flavor combination that can do no wrong, if I do say so myself. These creamy rosemary mashed sweet potatoes would make a great side dish for any holiday meal, or a light lunch for any day of the week. Or both—definitely both.




    One sweet potato

    One Tbs finely chopped fresh rosemary

    One tsp ghee (or butter if you eat dairy)

    Fourth of a cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk if you eat dairy)

    One Tbs maple sugar

    Salt and pepper to taste


    Chop the sweet potato into 1-2″ chunks and place in boiling water. I keep the skins on the sweet potatoes for a nice consistency when these are mashed—or out of laziness, you can decide that one.

    Boil for about 15-20 minutes. You’ll know the potatoes are done when you stab them with a fork, and you can start to tell that they would mash up easily.

    Strain your potatoes and place in a medium sized bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

    Mash with your preferred utensil—I used a fork

    Creamy Rosemary Mashed Sweet Potatoes — a recipe by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

  5. November 12, 2012
    Peanut Butter and Apple Green Power Smoothie

    Peanut Buter and Apple Green Power Smoothie by Kelsey of Pinegate Road for Verily Magazine

    Hello, and happy Monday! I have an exciting something-something to share with you today! Over the past couple months I’ve been working with Verily Magazine helping out here and there with some design work. If that wasn’t enough excitement, I recently pitched the idea of doing a quick + nutritious recipe column for their blog, and it was accepted! About every other week I’ll be posting some of the recipes that I’ve been cooking since embarking on my new healthy lifestyle. I promise they’ll be anything but boring. I have some crazy foodie-girl sensibilities, so I’ve really been having fun mixing that with nutritious finds and unique flavor pairings. For my first recipe, I’m sharing my go-to breakfast staple: a peanut butter and apple green power smoothie. Head on over to the Verily blog to see the whole recipe and try it for yourself!

    Beyond the recipe column, I’m working on a special project for the Verily ladies. Here’s a sneak peek! For more behind-the-scenes looks into my meanderings behind the blog, be sure to follow me on instagram: pinegateroad

  6. October 8, 2012
    avocado and roasted walnut pasta

    Avocado and Roasted Walnut Pasta by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

    This was a recipe born out of necessity this past week. My fridge broke, so there was no getting new grocieries, and there was also a mad-dash to eat and use all the fresh items that I had laying around—which most importantly included a half of an avocado. Avocados are my fav, and I couldn’t see this baby go to waste. Inspired by Tina Jeffer’s avocado pasta recipe, which has been a life-saver in the past, I decided to whip up an avocado pasta version of my own with some other on-hand ingredients.

    Alright, here goes nothing.

    The Ingrediants for Avocado and Roasted Walnut Pasta by Kelsey of Pinegate Road

    • Start to boil some water and heat a frying pan

    • When the frying pan is hot, add the walnuts. Flip and stir until they are fragrant and a little darker than they were originally (4-6 minutes, depending). Chop into small pieces.

    • Add the rest of the ingredients, minus the pasta, to a food processor. Blend until smooth

    • When the water is boiling, add the brown rice pasta to the water and boil for two minutes. Durring this step, you may want to add up to 1/4 cup of the pasta water to the avocado mixture to make it more like sauce and/or add some of the walnuts to blend into the sauce. But, you can do as you please.

    • Drain the pasta, plate it, put one half of the avocado mixture on the pasta, and sprinkle with half of the roasted walnuts. You can save the other half of the avocado mixture + walnuts to go with another 2oz of pasta tomorrow (I did), or you have go ahead and make 4oz of pasta and make two servings. I live in a household of one, so I definitely did the former.

    •Eat it up! (and you can garnish with kale if you have a problem like I do).

    Each serving contains 388 calories. 200 of these are in the pasta, so you could alternatively use spaghetti squash or riced cauliflower for a much lighter dish. This recipe is gluten, sugar, dairy, and corn free. If you are into the dairy eating—oh how I wish I could have some about now—then I would highly recommend topping this with some shredded goat gouda. That stuff lives in my dreams.

  7. September 18, 2012
    baked gluten free eggplant parmesan

    One of my favorite meals to make is an eggplant parmesan. It’s one of those things I’ve been making on and off for so long that I don’t use a recipe and I make a little bit up each and every time I make it. And, yum, eggplant. With my recent venture into the gluten-free world, I’ve had to concoct a new version of my favorite dinner recipe. I present to you now, baked gluten free eggplant parmesan, with each mondo serving containing only 208 calories. I was amazed when I did the final calculations too, don’t worry.

    This adventure starts with trying to find gluten-free breadcrumbs, and it was a failure at that. My second best option was to find gluten-free bread and somehow learn to make my own breadcrumbs. Lucky for me, the bread I got was so dry that when put in a food processor, I had insta-bread crumbs! Win for me, but what a loss for people who actually want to eat gluten-free bread slices. I’ll stick to the bread crumbs thank you very much.



    one eggplant, cut into 1/4″ — 1/2″ slices

    three egg whites

    gluten-free breadcrumbs (I used 6 slices of gluten-free bread and put it in the food processor)

    1 cup reduced fat mozzarella, shredded (I used the 1% milk variety)

    1 and 1/4 cup of marinara (mine happened to be 50 calories per serving)

    optional spices to add to breadcrumbs (highly recommended!): basil, fennel, italian seasoning, sea salt, garlic powder, oregano, pepper


    1. Preheat the oven to 350° and then begin to prep your work station. Get a bowl and place the three egg whites in it. Mix your breadcrumbs with the spices, and put that all on a plate. Slice up your eggplant.

    2. Dip each slice of eggplant into the egg white bowl, completely covering it, using only one hand. Use that same hand to place the eggplant slice on the plate of breadcrumbs. Use the clean hand to pat the breadcrumbs onto the slice, on each side and covering the sides. Place on a pre-greased cookie sheet (I use olive oil spray, or the like). Repeat until you have all of your eggplant covered in delicious breadcrumbs. Spray over all the pieces with olive oil before placing in the oven.

    3. I like to call is the 10x10x10 method. Put the eggplant in the oven for 10 minutes. Flip them all over, and keep them in there for another 10 minutes. Next, take them out and spread the marinara on top of each piece (using about 1-2 tablespoons on each depending on the size of the slice). After, sprinkle the mozzarella cheese over each piece—a little does go a long way! Then, place back in the oven for 10 final minutes.

    4. Take your gluten-free baked eggplant out and serve immediately.

    This recipe yielded 16 slices of eggplant parmesan. I split it into 4 servings, each having 208 delicious calories.

    I really don’t think I could come up with a better, more filling, and satisfying 200 calorie meal—and believe you me, it’s a whopping serving of eggplant, if you’re into that kind of thing. The pictures here don’t even show a full serving. While one serving was eaten right away, I froze the other three for meals down the road that I could enjoy in a pinch—something that was instilled in my head during the retreat I was just on. For some reason I was exacerbating myself before, creating intricate meals that I would eat once, and then I’d start that whole process over the next day. Something I need to get better at is making meals with multiple servings that I can use in different ways later, or freeze for meals when I really don’t have the time to cook.

    I say ‘yay’ to healthy living and new tips, and I hope that you all can try and make this new, lighter, version of baked gluten free eggplant parmesan!

  8. July 31, 2012
    bacon and maple glazed kale chips

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips

    If you’ve been following my instagram at all over the past week, you will have noticed that I’ve been making some changes around the pinegate road maison. While I’m going to get into a lot of those changes in the upcoming weeks, I thought I’d indulge you in a creation that I’ve concocted over these trials. This recipe for bacon and maple glazed kale chips makes one of the most tempting snacks that I’ve ever had. When I made the first batch, I seriously stood over my oven and scarfed each and every one down before I could even stop myself. They’re really that good. On my second try I did a little documentation so that you fine folks could join me on my latest obsession.

    When I first started making kale chips I turned to the always-trusty Smitten Kitchen.  When I tried these wonders I couldn’t get over them. The crunch, the taste, the vitamins! I couldn’t believe that these were real, and good for me. This recipe was an easy success and I quickly started to dream up devilishly foodie-crazed conceptions to make this staple something even more delicious, like that was possible. Enter my new love of bacon—I was a vegetarian for 10 years before a couple months ago—and a whole foods find that I was determined to use. That maple sugar is almost negative calories—which is code for the fact that it’s 18 calories per tablespoon and all natural. Crazy stuff!

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips:

    Bake some bacon, and then prep your kale. Wash it, and then cut out the stems.

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips

    Once you have your fancy pile of kale strips you can either choose to cut them up into chip-like sizes, or keep them in strips like I did for that dramatic effect when styling. Doesn’t everyone style their kale chips? Yeah, thought so.

    Your bacon should be about done by now, and when it is, you want to take your baked bacon and smother your kale in it. If needed, rub your kale around on the pan that the bacon baked on to get some extra grease. I promise you’ll only be getting about one teaspoon of bacon grease of your kale in total, but it will be the spreadyest of spready bacon grease that you’ve ever encountered—hello new vocabulary. Once you’ve done a good mix up in whatever fashion you fancy, just make sure that your kale is shiny all over. I always end up doing a little massage on each leaf. I realize that’s a tad creepy, yes.

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips

    Next, lay out that shiny goodness on the same tray that you baked the bacon on. Try to make one layer, but it’s ok if the kale does a little snuggling. Snuggling is always nice, don’t you think? After that goodness, sprinkle the kale with the maple sugar and a bit of sea salt. Bake for 15-20 minutes.

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips

    When these emerge out of the oven, please, try to contain yourself. Don’t be me, basically.

    Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips Bacon and Maple Glazed Kale Chips

    All photography taken by Kelsey Cronkhite for Pinegate Road.

  9. July 23, 2012
    COLOR STUDIES | forty – five

    Happy Monday everyone. I’m in need of a cheery beginning to this week, for sure. This past weekend I drove up to Richmond to see my Aunt and a college friend (hi Jessica!) for a day and a half full of good food and good company. While this weekend was dreamy, it’s always a bit hard getting back to work-life after a weekend well spent.


  10. July 17, 2012
    TRAVERSER | one

    TRAVERSER | one — krul typeface, kale salad, rugs not drugs

    TRAVERSER: french for — to pass, to cross, to traverse, to span.

    There are certain links that I come across throughout my study of the internet that I just can’t seem to shake.

    ONE—This week I feel in love with this article about the creation of the typeface Krul. Learning about the history of how and why type is created is on of my deepest pleasures, and this story was a treat indeed.

    TWO—La Buena Vida has quickly become a favorite recipe blog of mine. Being a recent kale fanatic myself, this recipe is calling my name. My fridge is swimming with this green goodness, and I can’t wait to try this one out.

    THREE—Miss Moss‘ post entitled Rugs not Drugs has me oogling in delight. What a fantastic collection of floor décor!


















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