budget-friendly decorating projects for a new apartment

budget-friendly decorating projects for a new apartment | PINEGATEROAD

My best friend has recently moved moved apartments in St. Louis. By recently, I mean she is sweeping the floor in her old place as I type, and she’s bringing the last of her belongings into her new space. I’m heading to St. Louis later today to help her settle in as a belated birthday present — and mostly because this is just the kind of thing we like to do for each other despite the distance. Kind of silly, huh? She helped me de-clutter my place in Savannah before I moved, and this was the least I could do after that extravaganza. Our time spent together is best spent helping out on those things that we just can’t seem to figure out alone. Here’s another silly: dry cleaning. That is totally on the agenda for this weekend.

Besides the dry cleaning, I’m hoping we can tackle a little more than the unpacking. While that’s a huge part of settling, I know from recent experience that doing a few decorating projects just after moving does wonders. While we’re on a strict budget — moving is spensy! — so I’ve put together a small round-up of budget-friendly decorating projects for a new apartment that I’m hoping we’ll be able to get done this weekend. From pictures of her new place, I can tell that the landlord is a-ok with a little paint here and there. I’m hoping some on the door won’t take that too far. Mint or a neon pink perhaps? A gallery wall, even if left blank for now, will instantly make the space feel more settled. We will probably try to find cheap frames at Good Will or Salvation Army and hit them up with a good old fashioned can of spray paint to give a cohesive look. All those pieces snuggled up together is just so comforting to me for some reason. Megan will be able to take her time collecting prints as she sees fit, but this will at least get something on the wall that has some structure. Last, but probably most importantly, I’m hoping to sneak a few plants into the mix. You really can’t go wrong with greenery. Maybe some Christmas lights to top it all off? Tis the season.

Do you have any quick and budget-friendly suggestions for a new space? I’m all ears, and I’m sure Megan is as well. I can’t wait to get started on all the fun. Bars, schmars.

If you’d like to follow along on the progress, I can’t promise, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll be posting updates on instagram as the weekend progresses. Happy weekend friends!


a look into the Cleveland apartment

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 8 | PINEGATEROAD

This past weekend I spend a huge chunk of my Saturday tidying up and really getting the last of my move over. It’s pretty silly it took me three months to go through those last boxes, huh? After this, I finally felt comfortable taking a few snapshots to show you all a little peek into my living quarters here in Cleveland. I live in an area of town called Lakewood, which is just to the west of the city and right on Lake Erie.

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 7 | PINEGATEROAD

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 6 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 5 | PINEGATEROAD

I fell in love with this place after seeing all the detailing and charm that it had. There are cute little nooks, built-in cabinets, and slightly arched ceilings. Keep browsing to take a peek at the built-in toilet paper holder, hah. My bathroom is also Barney colored. I don’t hate it. The fact that there is a separate dining area is something I’m thrilled about. I’m all for an open concept, but having your dining, office, and living room all together in the same space is something I was glad to leave in Savannah.

a peek into the Cleveland apartment | 4 | PINEGATEROADa peeka peek into the Cleveland apartment | 1 | PINEGATEROAD into the Cleveland apartment | 1 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 2 | PINEGATEROADa peek into the Cleveland apartment | 3 | PINEGATEROAD

I’m still getting there, week by week as far as the decorating goes. This is the second place I’ve lived in alone, and I’m taking baby steps. The graphic design thinking definitely doesn’t translate to interiors the same way. I realized I placed everything against my walls, and then hung art all at the same height in every open space in most of the rooms. Hah. Cheers to getting there, and any tips that you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated!

OH! And I have PLANTS! Just two at the moment, but boy to they make me smile.

a green escape

A green escape | Pinegate Road

So maybe it’s my head going crazy from all the pollen in the air—my forest green car was literally yellow from the stuff when I saw it today. Or maybe it’s the fact that spring is finally here, but I can. not. stop. thinking about plants! As my future is up in the air at the moment, I’m waiting to start my collection, but I’ve rounded up some looks that have me dreaming of how I want to decorate my future space with plant life. Do any of you plant-in-the-house veterans have any tips for me? Any great starter plants? I’m all ears!

You can find the links to the images, and more lovely spaces here.

TOUR | rethink design studio

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — front of the office

Earlier this winter I had the lovely chance to connect with EMK over at Rethink Design Studio here in Savannah. We met through the blog—yay for blog connections, yeah? She won a giveaway on here a while back and when I realized her address was a couple blocks away I decided to hand-deliver the package to her. Don’t worry, I did let her know I was stopping by before-hand I’m not a complete and total creeper. I love when weirdo things like that happen.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — front room

I’m excited to finally give you a peek into Rethink Design Studio today! The team works in a lovely curated space that I just can’t get enough of. I’m kind of interior design illiterate, so I generally love to ooh and ahh over anyone who has that special gift to pull together a space in just the right way. Don’t get me wrong, I love picking things out to decorate with but it’s that whole putting it together in a way that didn’t look like a person who was void of realizing that three dimensional spaces exist did it. I have that issue, being behind this here computer so much. Anyways, I can totally appreciate a beautifully composed and decorated space—I was just not touched with this special gift myself. Le sigh.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — back sitting area

The co-owner Joel at his desk. EMK calls the next picture “Joel in a box.” Loved that.

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — joel at work

Rethink Design Studio — studio tour — joel in a box

Since this is my first studio tour, I wanted to capture a little of everything. I really couldn’t stop snapping away at all the beautiful vignettes and objects that were around! Oh, and an adorable puppy—you definitely want to click through to see that gorgeous thing!

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TRAVERSER | one — krul typeface, kale salad, rugs not drugs

TRAVERSER: french for — to pass, to cross, to traverse, to span.

There are certain links that I come across throughout my study of the internet that I just can’t seem to shake.

ONE—This week I feel in love with this article about the creation of the typeface Krul. Learning about the history of how and why type is created is on of my deepest pleasures, and this story was a treat indeed.

TWO—La Buena Vida has quickly become a favorite recipe blog of mine. Being a recent kale fanatic myself, this recipe is calling my name. My fridge is swimming with this green goodness, and I can’t wait to try this one out.

THREE—Miss Moss‘ post entitled Rugs not Drugs has me oogling in delight. What a fantastic collection of floor décor!