IN REVIEW | january two-thousand and twelve

I thought I’d start creating little posts to sum up my months through instagram. I’m always touting about my terrible memory, but have never really done anything to change that. Now with this blog, I’ve been able to look back and see what I’ve been up to…a little like my digital memory, or diary in a sense. Actually, when I started this blog, it’s first name was ‘The Diary of Kelsey Cronkhite.” Still not far from the truth.

January has definitely been a good one. I’ve been spending time making memories with friends and Marc, and just trying to enjoy life a little more. I know I took a toll on my body and my mind last quarter, so I’ve been doing a little bit of reversing all that this past month.

Hello February!

obsessed with the bun // top knot

I can’t get enough of the top knot. The above is one of my absolute favorites! Found HERE.

With my blessing (not so much) of abnormally thin hair, it’s almost impossible for me to get this kind of volume. The sock bun is my savior. I discovered this from various you tube videos last year, and I’ve been loving it since! Check out this one, for example. Also, google sock bun and have your pickings.

PS, you’re welcome, my fine-haired friends.